#516 Reflection on Aesthetic Artistry with Gizza Creations, Cinphul, Apple Fall and Tableau Vivant.

I am truly amazed at some of the awesome creations that have appeared over the past 6 years that I have been on Secondlife. Not that I get on everyday, I do make my appearance at least twice a week if not three times a week. I love to walk around some of the exciting new shops to peek in and of course purchase their latest décor items, and wonder how the heck they created that vase, that fireplace and all the intricate details such as Apple Fall's latest masterpiece.

One designer that I am sure you admire as well is that of GizzA Creations. I love her seamless inspirations and articles of clothing such as the one I am wearing now from Chapter Four called the Gizza Sport Jacket. Not to mention Cinphul who I have been recently asked to blog for them, and their imagination at play with their "Moon Curtains' available now at Cosmopolitan and Marketplace.

Whilst walking around in the gorgeous underpants from Chocolate Ateir and admiring the beautiful new works of Apple Fall from the Gen NEUTRAL event that opened the other day, I bring to you our destinations for today and that being: -

Destinations: - Chapter Four, Cosmopolitan, GenNEUTRAL, Collabor88

Jacket: - GizzA Creations Sport Jacket (New) @ Chapter Four (see pic below)
Underpants: - Karima Black - Underpants by Chocolate Ateir @ Instore
Moon Curtains and Lavender Gift: - Cinphul Moon Curtains - Brown (New) at Cosmopolitan
Hair: - Tableau Vivant - Jade Hair Blonde (New) @ Collabor88
Painting: -Still Life Observation - Apple Fall (New) @ GenNEUTRAL
Tea Cloth: - Apple Fall Tea Cloth - (New) @ GenNEUTRAL
Old Stained Table: - Apple Fall Old Stained Table -  (New) @ GenNEUTRAL
Fireplace: - Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace @ Instore
Head: -Lelutka Mesh Head - Ever

Pose: Bauhaus Movement - Lia

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