#927 I'm not gonna be afraid...

Peace be still; 
Say the word and I will; 
Set my feet upon the sea; 
Till I'm dancing in the deep... 
 Oh peace be still; 
You are here so it is well; 
Even when my eyes can't see; 
I will trust the voice that speaks. 
I'm not gonna be afraid; 
'Cause these waves are only waves; 
I'm not gonna be afraid... I'm not gonna be afraid... 

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[MANDALA] HARAMITA-season2 - Arm band
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Stealthic - Shallows (Browns) 
MILA . Body Skin Appliers 
MILA . Celestial Eyes 
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#926 Venturing Out...

The coronavirus pathogen isn’t as deadly as bubonic plague, and our ability for dealing with pandemics is far better than when the pestilence reached the north coast back in late 1347. 

We have modernised ourselves, with up to date technology, advice, and greater insight into what is going on.. (dependent upon what you can believe in the media). 

Whilst this COVID-19 is a pandemic, what will it look like in our world once it goes away?  
Will we come back to unmown grass up to our elbows, or will wilderness return like in the movie by Will Smith – I am Legend?..What long-term effects from the present contagion will exist or return.
At present, this acute respiratory disease has already had an catastrophic impact on commodity and asset prices, not to mention unemployment never seen before since the Great Depression. 
The recovery efforts will take some time..and this will be at a cost. 

If you look at the positives of this virus. The world is cleaner. People are indoors, there is hardly any rubbish. The air is cleaner. It has made humanity to work together in close proximity. We are learning the art of respect and courage once again. We tend to our elders and care for them - wary of their frailty. We fight together and I don’t mean fighting for the toilet paper. We have all learn’t to be patient once again. To live in harmony together. 

The virus has taught us to take a break from the latest clothes, latest toys – cars etc. It has taught us to live with what we have and only venture out in time of need. 

Was this virus a wakeup call for humanity to lean on each other and to remember that materialism is not the key. To love one another as equals and to look out for each other? Just some random thoughts.. 
Showcasing the amazing new works available now from some awesome designers. 

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today:- 

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vagrant ]- Aisha Bag Solid - Maitreya - Fatpack- (New) @ Uber 
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Stealthic - Fleeting 
Nutmeg White Bike 
Nutmeg. Her stuff 
Ana Poses - Vancouver 1 Leafs 
Ana Poses - Vancouver 2 Leafs 
::GB::  Phone Strap (Maitreya) Pink 
 PoseFoxcity Bike Ride-3 


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