#827 Every ordinary life story is extraordinary..My memoirs

Everyone has a story to tell, which is one reason there are so many books been released full of people who want to publish their stories. Not surprisingly, there is even greater demand in celebrity and business circles. 

From tell-all memoirs to discreet, thoughtful autobiographies, these books sell well. They openly share what used to be taboo, such as mental illness, abuse, and addiction, is cathartic and often helpful to readers. 

It is one thing to know your own story; it is quite another to present it coherently and colorfully. Writing a book takes organization, planning, and self-discipline; but that’s only the beginning. If your story is truly compelling; but you know you could use some help structuring, editing, or writing it, there are companies to help you. Writing your memoirs or even a story all takes time. 

Every ordinary life story is extraordinary. So get comfy, take a seat on these beautiful chairs and start writing.

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#826 The warmth of your beard...

When I was in college, a beard seemed to be a distinguishing mark of the male doctor, and yes I studied to be a nurse, so the male doctor was everywhere around me. In saying that, there were not many people that had beards.. it was indeed rare.  Because doctors worked such long hours, the beard was quite common, or the 2 day growth in some occasions. 

Growing up, My father used to shave every day, and I would watch this procedure as young girl sitting on the side of the basin watching his daily grooming habit. The smell of cologne when he splashed his face, apart from the sound he would make when the alcohol hit his bare skin. 

I used to admire the men with beards and always wondered was it hot for them in summer, even itchy?  

Until the day I met a man that didn’t shave his face, but groomed and trimmed both mo and beard quite often.  Now it seems that facial hair for men is becoming closer to the norm, or at least a relatively well-established trend. Men now sport everything from closely-cropped stubble to a long, wizard-like beard.  

While talking about the trend with a friend we were discussing the pros and cons of men’s facial hair and whether we thought facial hair made a man more or less attractive to women. Having come from a father that was always well groomed and clean shaven, the bearded man seems to me more masculine, definitely more attractive, and ruggedly (if that is a word) handsome. 

Thoughts to all you women out there, do you prefer the bearded man, or the fresh faced skin?

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