#660 Roots run deep..

Having a family member who was adopted, I personally believe that adoptees have a right to know who are their biological parents and do think it’s absurd that it’s even a question as to whether adoptees should be afforded the opportunity to obtain original birth certificates and know their true identities. 

Birth parents I also believe have a right to privacy, but by no means do I think that they should be able to have their identities hidden from their biological children. As individuals, a birth parent has a right to refuse a phone call and ignore an email or a letter, just like anyone else who does not want to correspond with someone. But hiding the truth is not the way to protect a birth parent’s right to privacy. Most adoptees I know and one being my brother, has searched for his biological parents to no avail. With ageing parents, the time is getting closer to never knowing. Adopted children yearn for their roots. They run into obstacles, but they keep going. They want to know. They need to know. In most cases, when they find their biological mother or father, they reach out just to understand and to see what other family they may have. They want to establish a connection, but they are also respectful of the responses they get in return.

Hiding the truth is not the way to protect a birth parent’s right to privacy. When I think of people who are adopted, I compare it to a massive tree. It's strong and unmoving because its roots run deep, however the emotions are like the deep roots of the tree. They pervade the land and are, in a way, one with it. Deep running emotions define a person and affect the ways they act. A person without the knowledge of their past history, origin, culture is like a tree without roots and will act out. 

How can they grow and develop if they have no knowledge of where they have come from, otherwise they will decay inside and become part of the land…

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#659 After the Afterparty..

After the after party we're gonna keep it going..
We're gonna rip it up, the neighbours might complain,
I think it's almost 4am but I'm still feeling just fine,.. (Not sure about my pal Alles)
Ice all up in a plastic cup and I'ma keep on sipping all night, yeah
I might a kissed a thousand lips but maybe that's just all in my mind
Some people never understand the way we live but we're living life
Uh huh, hey, uh huh, Monday to Sunday, it's never too late
So everyone say, "we don't wanna stop!"
'Cause after the afterparty, we're gonna keep it goin'
We're gonna rip it up, the neighbours might complain
'Cause after the afterparty, we're gonna stay 'til mornin'
Then when the time is up, we'll do it all again :D

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#658 NYD Irish Yoga...

Right about now you are either still partying or celebrating the start of a fantabulous new year or like me at present suffering from the night's festivities. Well this was me a little while ago and with a pounding head, and just outright thinking OMG what did I get up to last night. I have heard as I reach for a hangover cure, having a banana and water is the way to go right now.

So you didn’t pay attention to the hangover prevention guidelines, raises hand, yes guilty, and now you feel like an ass.. yes raises other hand... you  drank so much that you’ve pickled your liver anyways.. yep shoot me. 

Once you’re able to peel yourself way from the porcelain throne, heres what can you do for damage control.

Drink some water, preferably plain or mineral water. Don’t chug it, lest you upset your stomach further. Sip slowly..
Eat something mellow - bananas, rice, applesauce and toast will get something in your stomach without making you puke all over the place.
Try not to drink coffee. It may temporarily ease your headache, but it will upset the lining of your stomach and fry your kidneys.
If all else fails, have another cocktail. Sure it’s just feeding your detox symptoms and delaying the inevitable, but the hair of the dog that bit you will ease your suffering for the moment. You may regret it tomorrow, though, so I recommend you just suck it up and take care of yourself. ;)

A few ideas for morning-after fare:

A green smoothie will help restore your body to working order. If you can’t handle the sound of the blender..(umm nope...)
A light veggie hummus will give your body a nutrient shot without explosive digestive upset. 

Regardless of how you feel the morning after, I hope you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve and Day and don’t be like me, try to make it home in one piece, ok?

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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#657 Mama told me..spread your wings my little butterfly...

I’ve dedicated lots of words to my Mum, her little legacies run through this blog. I found my voice as she lost hers to Alzheimer’s three years ago and then passed in May of this year. My mother loved music like I do as well, and I can see her bopping away to the best musicians that also have left this earth, the likes of Bowie, and of late dancing with Debbie Reynold’s. Blogging about losing her was the way I found my way, and into a new life writing and creating pictures that I love.

It may sound weird but I celebrated my mother’s birthday yesterday – December 28th and went to visit her at the crematorium and placed some beautiful blue orchids on her plaque. Whilst I am sure my visits will become less frequent, I have made a promise to visit on each birthday and then on May 31st the day she passed until such time I am unable to visit her myself.

I wish she could have stayed longer, to teach me how to juggle life, but when I look back, she gave me the greatest tool for a grown up and that was to live life to the fullest.  My Mum inspired me to write, to travel, to make a difference in the world, to appreciate all the little things and build big dreams..to spread my wings and fly.

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#656 Water under the bridge...

If you're not the one for me
Then I'll come back and bring you to your knees
If you're not the one for me
Why do I hate the idea of being free?
And if I'm not the one for you
You've gotta stop holding me the way you do
Oh when you found that the one for you

It's so cold out here in your wilderness
I want you to be my keeper

If you're gonna let me down, let me down gently
Don't pretend that you don't want me
Our love ain't water under the bridge...

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#655 Do you want to know your future?...

Now that we no longer have the Mayan calendar or its expiration to worry about, how are you going to know what predictions to follow now? What if the best predictor of your future is actually YOU? Would you really want to know the future? To know I believe comes with a price...

Here are 3 reasons why we should never know the future.

1.   Not knowing takes the pressure off - When we think we should know, we get stressed out when we don’t know things. But when we see that not knowing is our natural state, we can actually open into that, into a state of curious detachment, of childlike wonder. What’s going to happen next? Will it be a pleasant surprise, a learning opportunity, or both? We can see that, in a sense, we can’t know anything. We’ve never known anything. So when the time comes to make a decision, we just give it our best shot. And we know that we can always adjust if we need to.

2.   Not knowing fosters learning - Would you still be in your current job? Would you have stayed if you had known the outcome?  I think we can all point to bad experiences that we would not have chosen—a difficult job, the death of someone close to us, struggling with a health issue... yet most of our growth comes from pain. I’ve seen paraplegics and cancer victims smile as they relate the growth that has come from their condition, insisting they wouldn’t have things any other way. Often we only recognize in retrospect how valuable an experience has been. 

3.   Not knowing brings the joy of surprise - Of course we don’t want to know when bad stuff is going to happen. But what about the surprise call from a friend? What about the windfall you didn’t know was coming? What about the laughter of a child or yet the birth of your child, nieces, nephew. A lot of the joy in life comes from surprises, and knowing exactly what’s coming would take all of that away…

Let’s face it, not knowing is the natural state of things. When we want to know things that we can’t know (like the future, or the right course of action), all we create is frustration for ourselves. Just being yourself and taking it day by day is the best path to take. 

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