#653 Take a deep breath and let it go...

As it comes closer to the end of the year, There is one trick that I have mastered and that is to take deep breaths and lots and lots of deep breaths. Why? Well, I am guessing I am not alone saying these things especially as it comes closer to Christmas. First of all, how about those Christmas parking spaces or lack of, the angry drivers, the frustrated people in the queues or should I state toe tapping, arms crossed, fuming, impatient tourists. Apart from the above, there is the erratic drivers, the P Platers that ride your backside and you keep glaring at them in the rear vision mirror daring them to HIT you so you can scream at them "it will cost you!! you baboon" and well I needed my car fixed anyhow from that trolley that wacked me last year.
My deep breaths have been mastered due to trying to calm myself down and think good things, rather than wishing I had telekinesis skills to fry that person that is peeving me off. It’s easy to take breathing for granted—that is until you feel short of it. Breathing is usually an unconscious, involuntary process. In moments of high stress—giving a presentation, having a difficult conversation, getting stuck in traffic when you’re late—you may notice your breath becomes shallow and erratic, your pulse spikes, or you may even feel dizzy. These symptoms of stress are part of a sympathetic nervous system response, also known as the fight-or-flight response, designed to help us.
In other words, inhaling and exhaling slowly and consciously may help reduce symptoms of stress across populations not only over the long-term but right away. In moments like missing an important phone call or getting into an argument with a partner, we can learn to self-soothe by practising deep breathing. Breathing usually happens naturally from birth, it makes sense that many of us were not taught how to breathe properly and/or forget to do it properly.  

For now though as I am at work, trying to calm down from exploding from the sound of  Christmas carols in my ears, as I practice my breathing and patience which today comes from blogging and once I have finished I can then focus on the other parts of my life like shoving the microphone down the neck of the Christmas Carollers, so I can get my end of year report finished..:D
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#652 Graceland...

The treatment of asylum seekers who arrive by boat has been one of the most divisive political issues in Australia’s recent history. It is worth knowing a few facts....
First, asylum seekers arrive in Australia by two paths. They may come by plane or by boat.
Those who come by plane must have travel documents from their country of origin, and a visa to enter Australia; if not, they are then put on a plane back to their point of embarkation, at the expense of the airline that brought them in. Asylum seekers who arrive by plane typically have a short-term visa (study, tourism, business) but when they clear passport control in Australia apply for asylum. When their original visa expires (typically, in a matter of months) they are allowed to remain in the community on a bridging visa while their asylum claim is resolved.
About 40 percent of this group are ultimately accepted as refugees.
Those who come by boat suffer several disadvantages. First, they come from countries that make it difficult or impossible for them to get travel documents. Second, they come from countries where it is practically impossible for them to get a visa to enter Australia. They come to Australia by boat because they can’t come by plane. Over the past 20 years, more than 90 percent of boat people have ultimately been assessed as refugees and are legally entitled to protection. The tragic irony of their position is that they are the focus of political attack, and are called "queue jumpers".  Whether they have money or not, it is a matter of whether they are seeking asylum to get away from a country that is under war.. The stories are horrendous, their path to freedom most if not all of us would not survive. 
It is time to remember that once a upon a time not too far in the past our ancestors were asylum seekers travelling from Eurpoe, to Australia also by boat… for some aka Convicts and for others seeking a better life....

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#651 I'm rescuing animals, I've lost my mind but found my soul..

I went to the vet last week for my beloved Georgia who is a tabby female of 16 years.
Georgia a fit energetic and beautiful spoilt rotten cat and sadly she is ageing like all of us are.
The reason for the vet checkup is that she had two operations quite some time ago on her knees. Cost me a fortune but when the choice was the other if you know what I mean... how could I say no when her injury was only a broken knee. Georgia had jumped off a timber racking underneath the house and had broken her knee and then did it six months later, which I was aware could happen so say the vet. Again cost me a bomb to get her other knee fixed, right on Christmas as well.

Anyhow, time for her checkup as she has been shaking her legs and I was worried she was in pain. Georgia does have arthritis now with her knees no matter what I do for her. My biggest concern for her was "Is she in pain?" I was seriously in an emotional mess about knowing the right decision in this case was to go with the green needle.

Whilst I was waiting at the vet, tears in eyes, ready for the decision to make. This woman came in and said she had adopted some beautiful puppies as they were abandoned. That she needs to now get rid of them as they are causing her allergies. I felt sorry immediately for the puppies, rolled my eyes thinking you idiot!! and the look of disgust on my face towards the woman I found it hard to hide. The vet must have seen my shocked look and just smiled at me.

 After a little while, I was called into the vet for the dreaded decision I thought I had to make and the vet politely said to me would you like a puppy? I said I would love to take them all, as I don't have allergies. He just winked and said I wish more people were like you and understood that taking care of a pet is a lifetime. They are with you for a very long part of your life. Whilst I would love to take the puppies we really don't have a fence, so politely declined.

My cat Georgia survived the green needle, but I was told that whilst her knees are deteriorating, she is not in pain and yes she is in her senior years. He called her a cutie and was happy that she can be with me longer. The vet did tell me however that she has early onset Kidney disease which a lot of cats do get, so time for a different diet and more of my full love and attention.

For anyone that is thinking of adopting an animal, remember they are with you for up to 20+ years. Don't take them on just because they are cute. They are expensive and do take up your time. If you want a bundle of fun for a day, go ahead and adopt for a day, don't purchase especially if you have allergies.

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My gorgeous Georgia below.. Wanted to share :)


#650 Donut mess with me

She’s mighty. The fierce warrior. She smiles at challenges and laughs at danger. People that know her respect her, admire her, some may even fear her but they all have one thing in common. They look at her in awe. This is what I call a strong woman.  This lady has her shit together in more ways than you can count and she never ceases to amaze you.  One thing will remain true time and time again. She will never apologize for being who she is.  Here are 5 reasons why you should never expect an apology from a strong woman. 
1. She’ll love you with all she has. When she loves you, she does it with every ounce of her heart. Unconditionally and sincerely. And if you abuse it or break her heart, you’re done and she has no qualms about shutting the door on you. See ya. 
2. She’s got balls. Oh yes, she certainly does. She isn’t afraid to say or do something if it’s something she truly believes in. She will be the first to get in and save or help someone from harm or abuse and then laugh it off the next day like it was nothing, because to her, it was nothing. Just another day. 
3. It’s called confidence, not cockiness. She’s uber confident and she knows it. Not in an egotistical sort of way either. She knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to and she will get it done. She’s also not afraid to step out of her comfort zone either and try new things. 
4. She loves adventure. Adventure to her is a challenge that just makes her stronger. She’ll ask you to join her but if you can’t then she’ll go alone and she has no fear of doing that either. She’s on a mission to seek out adventure, with or without you. If you go, it’ll just add to the fun. 
5. The softer side of her. Yes she’s tough as nails and scares even the biggest and bravest of men. She’s also got a bit of a soft side to let you know that she is, in fact, a woman. If she trusts you enough, she’ll let you by her side. But trust is key here. She must have trust to show you that. 
Strong women can be very intimidating to most. The weak are usually scared of the strong but their fears come from a place of feeling inferior. No one should feel like this and anyone can be a strong woman, or a strong man.  Believe in yourself, your values, set boundaries and kick ass. This is about you being true to yourself and never apologise for who you are!!

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#649 Wings of Love rather than Horns of Jealousy..

, beware, my lord, of jealousy; 
It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock,
The meat it feeds on. That cuckold lives in bliss, 
Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger: 
But O, what damnèd minutes tells he o'er 
Who dotes, yet doubts, suspects, yet strongly loves! 

Have you ever felt the stirring of Jealousy? The horns slowly coming out?
Jealousy is a sneaky bugger—a pot-stirrer who likes to aid the ego in pointing out flaws you’d rather just sweep under the rug. It serves as a reminder of all the success you don’t have, the experiences you haven’t had, the relationships you’d like to have—basically everything that makes you feel “less than.”  The idea about Jealousy and removing those horns is to appreciate “what is” rather than what “could be". 

If you’re able to appreciate and express gratitude for the experience you are having right now—no matter how negative they may look on the surface—you’ll have a greater capacity for appreciating the positive experiences when they begin to show up. 

Maybe you don’t have the career success or relationship satisfaction of those around you, or that man-woman by your side yet, but by working through anything that is less than ideal, you are achieving something great: growth. And with growth will make room for the changes you’ve been waiting for. 

Jealousy planted one glaring misconception in my mind along time ago: it made me think that I  simply wasn’t enough. I have since realised that the hardships I was experiencing weren’t meant to point out my inadequacies, but to create an entirely new life experience that was more fulfilling and more…me. So time to put those horns away and be free of the green-eyed monster. 

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#648 I've been thinking bout it..

The other day I was thinking about how clear everything used to be to me. How sure I was about what I believed. How sure I was about what was right and wrong, true and false, acceptable and not acceptable. The list goes on...
You find yourself asking, is that really so? Is there a different way of perceiving something? A different way of looking at something? Could a long-held belief actually turn out to be wrong? Our realities and beliefs are shaped by many things— by our parents and our upbringing, by race and neighbourhood, by media choices, by our own individual minds and experiences. Yes, our minds create our realities. 
That was certainly clear to me this past week as I listened and watched the presidential debates, and listened to the outcry of my friends and their reactions to the news about Trump. Whilst I did myself wonder how a man can run a country that has had 3 failed marriages and whether he indeed was the right candidate. It has been decided and there is nothing we can do about it....
We need to look into our own lives rather than worrying about what may come from this election.  I hope each of us can open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts and try to see how others see things and think about the important things in our own lives and the lives around us of our friends and families. No more fighting. The election has been decided and it is time to move on..xx
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