#671 Capsize...

Life is hard. It is by far the hardest thing we will ever do. This letter is for you, the person who wants to end it all. Whether you want to quit your job and give up on your relationship or you feel so hopeless there is no light, remember these things
You have a heart - Do you feel your heart beating? Put your hand over your heart. Feel your heart beating. It is beating for a reason. It is keeping you alive because that is what you need to be. You have some amazing purpose in this world, whether you know it or not. You are impacting people every day. When you smiled at that young mom as you left work, you made her whole day a little brighter.
You are Loved - This can be hard to feel. We have all been there when we feel as though it is us against the world. That everyone is fighting against us. In reality, there are so many people fighting for us. It may not seem like it; perhaps you just went through the worst break up and now you have no one. I promise there is still someone that loves you. Call your mom, dad, relative, anyone. There is someone out there that cares and loves you. If no one else does, I do!
There are no enemies, except yourself. - When the world seems to be fighting us, we need to take a moment and breathe. Just re focus your view. Realize that the person that is troubling you the most is you. All humans are this way; we critique ourselves in ways no one else would. So just stop. Stop telling yourself you are worthless. Stop telling yourself that you are not loved. Instead, tell yourself you are beautiful, that you are so unique.
Fall apart, but then rebuild yourself into the person you want to be. Make changes that you have been too scared to make in the past.

Do not ever give up. Life is tough, but you are tough too! 
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#670 It's a Cruel Summer...

Whether it’s long sunny days or sharp showers and thunderstorms that you prefer, summer can be a range of different things for different people. For most of us there’s always the expectation that summer will be filled with long, hot, lazy days and sunshine from dawn to dusk. The anticipation of trips to the beach and getting the barbeque out can almost be too much to bear. Alas for us Aussies it’s usually more often showers than sunshine and when the sun does come out it is stinking hot and over 42'c.

Summer is the time to relax and play outside, but sun and fun does not come worry-free. Skin damage and dehydration are serious concerns in the summer sun and heat. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, heading to the beach, packing for a road trip, or gearing up for a run, follow our tips to beat the heat and stay safe.

1. Skin Safety - Never forget the sunscreen! and I don't mean last years.
Sunscreens labeled broad spectrum are best, because these types optimally block UVA and UVB sunlight. Sunscreens with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide only do not optimally block all the wavelengths of sunlight. There are a lot more skin cancers popping up of late amongst our friends and family, you need to note the importance of applying daily, not just on days spent at the beach.

2. Hydration - When you’re out for a run, working in the yard, playing Frisbee on the beach, or simply lounging by the pool, don’t forget to bring your water bottle. Dehydration is a serious issue that could be life-threatening when not treated properly. Thirst, dry mouth, headache and dizziness could be signs of mild to moderate dehydration. You can prevent dehydration before it starts by filling up on fluids, and I don’t mean by the amber kind ;) While there is no science to prove you need exactly eight glasses of water a day, it is a good estimate and an easy goal to remember. Coffee, tea, almond milk, juice and foods that have a high percentage of water—especially fruits and vegetables—all count towards your daily water intake.

3. Blue Skies - Summer is the time for blue skies and rising temperatures that you can take all the colourful sundresses out, reach at the back of the cupboard for those flip-flops and sandals, put on your new sunglasses and your trusty ancient straw hat. And if the boyfriend (husband, dad, granddad, uncle, brother) still keeps that Hawaiian shirt at the back of the wardrobe (you know the one I mean, right) now it's the time to dig it up and encourage him to wear it. Have an awesome summer!!

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#669 I can take you higher...

If you’ve met a man/woman who makes you sigh with desire, and you’re fairly certain you’re going to be getting into bed with them soon (if you haven’t done so already), there are certain things that are almost inevitable.

I bring you the four stages of lust every couple goes through – so which one are you at? I’m not telling where I am at present ;)

1: There’s a Spark!
This is when you realize that the person you just met – or have known forever and just rediscovered – there is chemistry with them. It is the phase of brain-numbing, spine-tingling, unmentionables-quivering excitement, the times of oh WOW moments that your eyes lock and you’re seriously dissolving in lust.

2: Read My Sext?
By now, you’ve established communications – and sexing galore. You’ve been talking frequently, conversations are full of double meanings and strong hints, and you’re really looking forward to “meeting” – read: “mating” up soon.

3: Snog
You’re both on board with getting down and dirty. You’re meeting frequently, and you can barely keep your hands off each other, totally sucking face. Your priority right now: how to get each other’s pants off; for all you care, the rest of the world can go fornicate itself.

4: Practice makes perfect
You can’t get over how amazing it is, its getting more and more like Shades of Grey and some, and how much you want each other nearly every hour. It’s the honeymoon phase of your activities - it’s pretty awesome, and it keeps getting better because the more you do it the better you get at it. Practice makes perfect – you finally know what that means.
You’ve also begun to care about the world a bit more – you want everyone to be getting as much...satisfaction as you are!

So which stage are you at present.

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#668 Untouchable...

Call it the grass-is-greener effect. Almost everyone has found themselves drowning in romantic feelings for a man or woman she can’t have — either because the object of her affection is in a relationship with someone else or because she herself is (or both). Sometimes we fantasize constantly about the forbidden crush but don't take it any further than that. Other times we actually act on our feelings by engaging in a sexual relationship with the unavailable person. 

Of course, you can wallow in “why me” misery or wish for a happy ending in which that unavailable person becomes suddenly available to you. But there are healthy ways to deal with this all-too-common situation that won't waste your energy or wreck your life. Here are some tips for coping. 

1. Accept that your feelings are normal. 
A wedding ring is a pretty good sign that someone is in a committed relationship, but that little band of gold can't prevent you from suddenly finding yourself drawn to someone who isn't your spouse or significant other. Even people who have been in partnerships with the same person for years can easily feel attracted to someone else“Attraction doesn’t end once we’re in a relationship., but if they are married then it is time to look away. 

2. Know that unavailability often makes people more attractive. 
Seriously, love does not make any sense. Why would someone seem more appealing if he or she is obviously taken? At least for women, self-esteem issues may be at the root of the problem. 
Women who lust for unavailable partners may be unconsciously hoping that the person will finally commit and make them feel worthy. Again time to find someone that is not taken.  

3. Ask yourself if you’re being competitive. 
Take it from Taylor Swift — sometimes all you want is to tell your friend's partner, "You belong with meeeee." Maybe that's because you think that unavailable guy or girl is hot; or maybe it's because you're trying to one-up your pal.  

If the object of your affection (or the person you’ve already gotten involved with) is actually attached,   consider whether your feelings might stem from a competitive spirit. Then think about how you can curb these competitive urges in a healthy way, without ruining either your friendship or your friend’s relationship or the guy/gal that your fantasizing about.. 

Wait till he wants you not the other way around. In other words don't chase!! 

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#667 Bolshaya Neva River

Six years I have spent at Secondlife and in that time I've met some amazing people from so many different countries, and religious beliefs. It has opened my eyes to different ways of living and life. Some of my closest friends I have come to realise wern't men afterall were female, and vica versa and I embrace their secrets, and think it is afterall a place for them to be something different.

One place that I return to often to seek some solace is that of my favourite land being Neva River.

I remember when Neva Crystall created Neva River for the first time, sharing with her loved ones, and then opening it up to the public including moi so I could move in. With a 'excuse the french', shitty, crappy old computer I had to leave my home of Neva River as my computer would not see the gorgeous settings Neva had created.

Whilst Neva has been a friend of mine for many a years now, I'd like to express my awe of her creative abilities and the time she spends making Secondlife the beautiful place it is now.

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#666 There's a fire in my heart darling but it is not burning for you anymore..

No matter how much we want things to stay the same, life is all about change. 
Sometimes change is for the better, and sometimes it’s not. No matter why things are changing, we need to be able to let go and move on. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a painful breakup, a business failure, or a treacherous betrayal, holding onto past pain and resentment will only hold you back.

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

The process of letting go of someone you love is one of life’s most painful experiences. When you have invested a considerable amount of time and emotional energy in someone, the prospect of living without them may be unthinkable. You may look back on the memories you shared, the plans you made, and feel nothing but psychic agony. If you are newly broken up, envisaging a new future may feel close to impossible. You may find yourself ruminating on what you could have done differently, the arguments you may have had, and the things you regret saying.

Every relationship is unique, and there are many reasons why cutting ties may be the kindest solution for all parties. Maybe you discovered as time went on that your values and dreams did not align. At first you may have hoped that you could overcome your differences, but in the end they drove you apart. Sometimes, love just isn’t enough and you come to the sad conclusion that it’s time to part ways. Whatever the trigger, the emotional fallout will be considerable. Be kind to yourself and expect it will take some time getting used to being on your own again.

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