#693 Bliss...

Sometimes things are closed
Like windows on an empty street
Not this time though
First drink, the glow, the heat..
A piece of morning sun
Swallowed with a grin
Shooting sparks within
Shower everyone
Up to the skylight
These walls are warm again
Out of my right mind
This feeling
Old absent friend
A piece of morning sun..

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#692 When all we want to do is fly...

Walt Disney said: That's the real trouble with the world, too many people want to grow up! 

There is a child that exists in all of us. For some, this little boy or girl is buried alive just from living, changing to what society wants and adapting to being a grown up. As we uncover the child spirit, we experience the emotions, the thoughts and even the behaviours that have been repressed for decades.  

We need to learn to embrace our inner child at whatever age and stage it shows itself to us and to remember to be carefree in some of the small things that we do. There is a time to be adult, and a time to be a child, we need to remember the fun things we used to do. 

Like eating a chocolate ice cream cone and having hundreds of thousands poured over it..who cares what people think as it drips onto the pavement as you slurp up the drips up the side of the cone. 

When we were children, all we wanted to do was step into our dad’s shoes or mom’s sandals.  We wanted to be an adult, and fast track our life.... 

If life though had a rewind button, just for one day, so we could live that carefree life once again and learn to imagine a world of play.... 

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 Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Breaking the Habit 52 -  (New) @ The Liaison Collaborative 


#691 Every adventure requires a first step..

The Cheshire Cat wisely said, “Every adventure requires a first step...and a first step I took to explore the wonders of 'Sansar'. 

As some people have said in some previous posts about Sansar it was like reversing time and heading back 10 years to the day that I joined Second life. What a journey that has been.  

Sansar starts with your choosing you avi, and am afraid the selection is very very limited but then Sansar has only just started. You type of clothing, hair, adjustment of features is also limited but the quality of the destinations is amazing! 

I can honestly state, my computer has struggled with Ultra on Secondlife, but Sansar is like experiencing Ultra at every destination. When you have completed your avi, and it opens to places to visit,  I do recommend visiting: 'Sansar, God Rays' and 'The Monkey Temple'.  

The colours, sunrays and lighting is amazing, not to mention the builds!!.  

So, what are you waiting for, come take a walk to Sansar, and be a beginner like all of us again. 
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Destinations:   The Gacha Garden The Chapter Four, FaMESHed 

zerkalo ] Once Upon a Time - Every Adventure Sign - (New) @ The Gacha Garden  
GA UNI - Penny Beach Hat Juta/White - (New) @ The Gacha Garden 
Glam Affair - Maya - Catwa Mesh Head Applier - America - (New) @ The Gacha Garden  
pr!tty - Sunny - :rigged:  - (New) @ The Gacha Garden  
pr!tty - Rose Choker - {Silver+Pink} Set - (New) @The Gacha Garden 
zerkalo ] Shabby Easel - Adult @ The Chapter Four
LYBRA . Salma Pants White (maitreya) - (New) FaMESHed 
LYBRA . Salma Top Peach (maitreya- (New) FaMESHed 

 Pose: Ana Poses - Oslo 2 - (slightly modified hand) 

Taken at Monkey Temple - Sansar
Taken at God Rays - Sansar