#496 Don't cry for him as he has forgotten us with Cinphul, enVOGUE, Sari Sari and Purple Moon

I'm driving on this road again, remember this? Your hand on top of my hand.
We smiled and we kissed, who woulda thought there was an end to this.

You should be right here, i'll do the pedals you shift the gears,
To sit next to you, why would I just wanna get there quick?Haill traffic we were happy right, so what the hell happened?I just wanna say .. you went away...

Wearing the beautiful new outfit from Purple Moon with the gorgeous backdrop from Cinphul being the Houard Prefab exclusively available at The LTD Event, with the such awesome and creative Flottante Puppies designed by anc @ Collabor88, with the gorgeous new hair from EnVOGUE called Cynthia, I bring to you our destination for today: - 

So what are you waiting for come take a walk to our destinations for today: - 

Destinations: - EnVOGUE, Purple MoonKustom 9 and The LTD Event

Outfit: - Anika Blouse in Blue (New) @ Purple Moon
House: - Houard Prefab (New) @ The LTD Event
Hair:  - Cynthia (New) @ EnVOGUE

Pose: - Sari Sari - Comfy Sit 06 (New) @ Kustom 9

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