#497 A dog's love knows no boundaries with Anc, Zerkalo, GizzA Creations, and Scarlet Creative

Two designers have released these amazing creations in Secondlife for us. I was so excited to see these designs in the early stage and how they turned out, I felt like I was a kid in the candy shop when I saw what was going to be released for us all at Collabor88, one of these designs includes the awe inspiring work from Anc. Anc have released these so adorable Flottante Puppies with/ or without collars, either jumping, laying or just being themselves. So many people have taken photos with these gorgeous pups that Anc I can imagine is quite proud of his creations. Lets hope we see more of these gorgeous designs to come.  

GizzA Creations have also released these gorgeous new Leggings which I wear in this picture for you today called "Holly". So many designs and colours available have a peek below. One other designer that I truly adore is that of Zerkalo. Their lounges and decors are truly gorgeous and am excited for what is to come in the future. 

Wearing the beautiful blonde hair from Tableau Vivant called 'Whispers Hair' from the Fantasy Collective,   I bring to you our destinations for today: -

Destination:Gizza Creations , C88, The Fantasy Collective and 
The LTD Event

Hair: - Tableau Vivant - Whispers (New) (Blonde) @ The Fantasy Collective
Outfit: - GizzA Holly Leggings (New) @ Gizza Creations 
ArmChair: - Zerkalo Home Sweet Home (Natural) ArmChair (New) @ The LTD Event
Table: - Zerkalo Home Sweet Home - (Natural) Table (New) @ The LTD Event
Puppies: - Flottante Puppy Laying and Jumping in Cream (New) from Anc @ C88
Beer Crate: - Sari Sari Beer Crate
House: - Scarlet Creative Tree Tops Ground House (New) @ C88

Pose: - Lia by Bauhaus Movement

Pic taken at Neva River

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