#477 Come sing me a ballad with Zerkalo, Zenith and Indyra

Hi Everyone, I am a little behind in posting these amazing events for you, only due to the fact I am still getting over this winter virus.

There have been and still are many awesome events on at the moment that you most definately needed lots of linden as there are too many items that you cannot ignore and if you are like me too tempting not to walk past and ignore.

One event the Indie Teepee that is closed now, was an annual music and arts festival that was created for the residents of Second Life who were inspired by the music festival trend that is ubiquitous in the real world. The event featured many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop and many other types of music. Apart from live performance Indie Teepee never missed out on delivering for us.

Inspired by the soulfulness of the musical festival trend, Zerkalo one awesome Second Life artist created the Lonely Bard Guitar and Chair which is available now at their store.

Destinations: -  Kustom 9 , and Indie Teepee

Hair: - Truth Essena Blonde - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Dress: - Zenith Summer Cozy Dress (New) @ Kustom 9
Tote Bag: - Indyra Straw Tote Bag (New) @ Indyra
Lonely Bard Guitar: - Guitar - (New) @ Indie Teepee (now in store at Zerkalo)
Lonely Bard Chair: - Chair - (New) @ Indie Teepee (now in store at Zerkalo)
Shoes: - Breathe Serendipity - Flat Chocolate Brown Sandals - @ Kustom 9

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