#383 It is worth the wait with Legal Insanity, Soy, Oyasumi and Apple Fall

The Wait is nearly over…The Arcade Gacha Opens 1st December.. #itstartshere.....

The newly anticipated releases of what is waiting for us at the Arcade is only just 2 days away – and I don't know about you but am thinking how the hell can I get off from work so I can get into the Arcade for when it opens.  We’ve been waiting with baited breath, hanging back watching all the new releases advertised thinking how will it pan out this December. So many wonderful things install for us all.  Here’s just some of the many awesome items ready and waiting for us to purchase..IN 2 DAYS!! <3

Destination for today: - Kustom9   Legal Insanity, and Fifty Linden Friday
Destination in 2 days - http://thearcadesl.com/

Kelly Slim Baggy Jeans - Legal Insanity (New)
Christmas Tree - AF - Old Gacha Item (rare) available at AF
Rolling Wood Table - Oyasumi (New) @ Fifty Linden Friday
Stool - Oyasumi New) @ Fifty Linden Friday
Iringa Basket Square and Round - Soy (New) @ Kustom9 
Yarn with Wooden Spool - Soy (New)
Spinning Wheel - Soy (New) @ Kustom9 
Wall hanging and Lights - Toro (New) @ Kustom9 
Handbag - Legal Insanity Panda Handbag (Gacha Item) - rare (New)
Secretary Desk - LAQ Décor
Jute Natural Rug - AF
Lavender House - Scarlet Creative (New) @ Collabor88 November 2014

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - GiaNikai 1

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