#230 As the walls close around me, I mean you no harm with Ison

Have you ever felt immediately sorry for something that you have said, and you think oops I really didn't it mean it that way? I actually meant it.. this way instead.  The person was alarmed at what had been said and you instantly regret the words coming out of your mouth and think, how can I say sorry. How do I make amends?

This was me today. I felt like the walls closed around me.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and always have. I genuinely care about people and think my damn mouth gets in the way sometimes and yes I have heard many times, think before you speak and don't rush, however it also hurt others by my sometimes raw honesty.

For all of you that wear your heart on your sleeve like myself, take heed of my advice. When texting or talking on Sl, words can come out wrong, and can be read incorrectly.  For all of those people that have tried to make amends. People genuinely care and that is why they ask. xx


DressISON - Shift blazer dress
Skin -  Glam Affair - Lucy - America - Clean C
Eyes - Ivalde Eyes
Hair - Liquence  - F3 in Light Blonds [Boobs]
Boots - ISON - Cult Riding Boots
Hands - Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual
Earings - PP (Pure Poison) Brandy Earrings Silver

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