#229 Are you going to stay the night with LivGlam and Truth

The one thing that I have noticed with Second life is that we all have a common interest. Whether it be to find someone that you enjoy hanging with, a dance buddy, someone to share you inner most thoughts, or someone to have fun with, and/or all of the above.

I have noticed that no matter what reasons we come online, it is the questions we have as to when is it appropriate time to tell him/her who is the real person.   Sometimes within SL, the speed that we seem to share our soul is quite fast, or it becomes a fantasy and the real you never gets a look in.
No matter what the situation. It takes time to learn about people and to build their trust.

I think the most powerful way for any women or male when meeting someone is to be yourself.
Don't rush.  When you focus on simply being in the moment and enjoying each other's company and attention, don't pre-empt that it will work between you. Just enjoy be yourself and let it happen.

Wearing the beautiful new dress from Liv Glam, and the new hair from Truth come take a walk to our destination for today.


Dress[LG] Boutique -[ FALL-13] Play Hard
Skin -  Glam Affair - Lucy - America - Clean C
Eyes - Ivalde Eyes
Hair - TRUTH Hair - Harley (New)
Hands - Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual
Bracelet - Pure Poison - Etany Bracelet - Right
Earings - PP (Pure Poison) Brandy Earrings Silver

Backdrop - Courtesy of Neva Crystall (Thankyou xx)

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