#824 Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a thing..

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a thing. I have gone back and forth on it myself, but this year I find thinking well why not for a change just follow along. 

As a self-proclaimed pessimist (joking), I used to think Valentine’s Day is just another mushy day where men and women have to be reminded to show love on that day.  

After taking a step back, I have discovered that Valentine’s Day is really a special day, that we should embrace love and affection and remember it is all about the giving and receiving. I found this on a website and thought I couldn’t resist sharing... 

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Showcasing the amazing new works available now,  
So, what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today: -  

Destinations:   Belle. EventsKekeTMD 

Nutmeg. Ornamental Bicycle w/ Clutter & Bird Feeder - (New) @ Belle. Events🌹 
hive // sweet teddy bear. red heart - (New) @ Belle. Events🌹 
hive // heart balloons. single floating - (New) @ Belle. Events🌹 
hive // heart balloons. Group - (New) @ Belle. Events🌹
keke ] my funny valentine. 1 - (New) @ Keke 
keke ] my funny valentine. 3 - (New) @ Keke 
Navy+Copper – Ivy - (New) @ Belle. Events🌹 
ChicModa // Anastasia Dress // WHITE - (New) @ Belle. Events🌹 
Nutmeg. Country House Bench w/Grey Blanket 

 Pose: Ana Poses - Relaxed Nights I - (New) @ TMD 

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