#693 Bliss...

Sometimes things are closed
Like windows on an empty street
Not this time though
First drink, the glow, the heat..
A piece of morning sun
Swallowed with a grin
Shooting sparks within
Shower everyone
Up to the skylight
These walls are warm again
Out of my right mind
This feeling
Old absent friend
A piece of morning sun..

Showcasing the amazing new works available right now at some awesome destinations. So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today:-

Destinations:Deco(c)rate (Month of August), and Enchantment

[Merak] - Serenity Corner - (New) @  Deco(c)rate (August
[Merak] - Garden Light - (New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
.:revival:. zen garden - (New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
.:revival:. zen bench - (New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
MI Stone & Zen Sand Decor - (New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
.:revival:. zen cushion white -(New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
.:revival:. zen cushion black - (New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
Vagabond - Shino's Urn 1 and 2 - (New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
*HEXtraordinary* Zen Juniper Bonsai -(New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
LB_Sweet ChestNut*7Li {Seasons} - Animated - (New) @ Deco(c)rate (August
LB_OldOakTree{4Seasons} - Animated - (New) @ Enchantment
[ zerkalo ] Once Upon a Time - WindChime - RARE @ The Gacha Garden
.peaches. Soothing Fountain - (New) @ Fifty Lindens Friday
Calm. Vouvant Pitcher - Ivory
BLUE SKY -  Garden Vase - White (Flowers) 
Ariskea [Winter in Canada] Northern Lantern
tarte. vine lights (silver)
[ keke ] tea pot - sage
Bouguereau 1 Cupid with butterfly

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