#689 Hold...

I thought death was a natural process until a relative of mine lost her newborn baby.  

I have never known the raw hurt of a mother losing her baby, and how sudden the laughter of the baby kicking, the foot exploring territory pushing the mother's stomach to new reaching heights, the excitement of buying newborn clothes, shopping for prams, and the painting of the spare bedroom all coming to a grinding holt as I was awakened by the terrifying reality, that the life that was all planned for this little one - my niece.. has decided to head down a different path. 

 Sitting with my sister, hands clenched together, grief tearing our souls, we waited, moments seemed like hours, to hold the little one and say our goodbyes. 

They say having a baby is a miracle and when you look at the tiny body of 32 weeks, the finger nails so thin, the body and skin so translucent and pure, the beauty of the child that could have been, all you can think of is WHY? 

You want to hold those precious moments forever and not let go. Life. We take it for granted, yet some want to take the easy path and let it all go. Life is a precious journey. For some, they don't even get the chance. 

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