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I have come to associate the arrival of spring with the fragrance of Lilac and Lavender and I fall under its spell. I love this time of year when the lilacs bloom. The lilac bush in my front garden is in its prime, and every time that I walk by on the way to or from my front door, the air is filled with its intoxicating scent, and keep it around my house, in my lounge room and bedroom.  Did you know that environmental scents are used to promote physical and psychological health. Potential sources of restorative odours in the urban environment are sometimes grouped into four categories; Fresh air (Wind and Airflow), trees and plantings, water and waterways, and pleasing aromas from non natural sources. 

The aromas such as basil, thyme, mint, lilac and lavender are intoxicating to me and I have heard that it is shown to be helpful in reducing headaches and inflammation and in improving sleep, digestion and blood circulation. 

The olfactory gland is to blame for our love of scents, it pulls at the heartstrings of our memories and emotions and in the olden days our taste buds. 

Showcasing the amazing new works available right now from some of our awesome designers. So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today. 

Serenity Style - Home Stuffs Shelf (RARE) (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
Serenity Style- Home Stuffs Pitcher - (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Bauhaus Movement - Petra Headphones / Silver - (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Olive - (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Nutmeg. Distressed clay Vase #1 - White Rust(New) @ Shiny Shabby blended with the ARIA  Anemone Pottted Fern
GizzA - Vintage Wedding / Lilac Basket -(New) @ The Chapter Four 
Hayabusa Design - Magnolia Tree M17-1 v1-1G - (New) Instore 
[Tia] Serendipity Bed - Adult (New) Instore at [Tia]
[Tia] Lil' Maison Candlesticks (New) Instore at [Tia]
[Tia] Shutter Wall Cover (New) Instore at [Tia]
Little Branch - LB_BloomingTree.v2 {Animated} @ The Liaison Collaborative
:: hsh :: & { iD}  - {iD} KaufhauS (House) (New)
Ariskea//TheDen [Hampton] Shutter Cabinet 
{YD} Cute Puppies - Zoey 
[ zerkalo ] Small Things - Clock 
{what next} Wall Hanging Plant #1 
Dutchie lavender 3 
M.Law Tree & Birds Gacha 3 from Bee Cauldron - Bee Designs 
Sleepy Eddy_Hoodie Clutter (Gray) RARE 
Kalopsia - Daisy's Agenda RARE 
Kalopsia - Hazel's Newspaper+Cup 
* SORGO - Badges and coins 
2 lace curtain - flying 1 - Knick Knacks 
22769 - Woven Lounge Chair 
22769 - Pot with Areca Palm 

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