#673 My five summer senses..

Summer is a time for enhanced smells, senses of warmth, and where your body feels more alive and strong after it's winter hiatis.

Everyone has their favourite summer moments and I wanted to share my top 22 summer senses.
Tell me what are yours?..

1.     Look for fireflies in the evening.
2.     Watch for people mowing lawns.
3.     Watch for birds using a puddle or birdbath to bathe.
4.     Watch for people sitting outside in the evening waiting for the cool night to arrive.

5.     Listen for insects calling in the evening, the cicadas calling out to their mate.
6.     Listen for an ice cream truck jingling down the road.
7.     Listen to children playing outdoors after supper.
8.     Listen for the sound of the lawn mowers before the mid heat arrives of the day.

9   The taste of that delicious ice cream.
10. Sweet taste of that homemade lemonade.
11. The succulent taste of some sweet corn.
12. The smell of freshly cut stone fruit, and the scent of watermelon, strawberries and peaches

13. Feel a cool breeze blowing from a fan.
14. Touch a lawn that is wet with early morning dew.
15. Feel the warmth sun on your skin
16. The feel of a cold glass full of ice against your face on a hot day.
17. The feel of the hot sidewalk with your bare foot

18. Smell someone's barbecue drifting down the road
19. Smell the fresh new flowers blooming.
20. Sniff the air near a pool or a beach.
21. Smell a newly mowed lawn
22. Smell of a summer breeze.

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