#611 Nearly forgot my broken heart, it's time to remember what we have..

I was listening to a song the other day aka (name of title) and the singer when creating the song was asking himself “What happens when someone suddenly realises that they’re moving on with their lives? Whether they had a bad experience, or got fired, or are suffering with their self-esteem, or got dumped – whatever it is – feeling like life is going to be dark forever, and then you realise one day, it is not going to be that bad after all.

We are all in an age of wanting reassurance, wanting things right now, as he calls it “a weird age where there’s more and more immediate distraction and we’re all getting used to it,” “The distraction is just absurd – watching a YouTube video of a guy falling off a skateboard, this kind of crap! 

Our eyes are just sort of buried into our smart phones now, so I think we’re going through a period of getting further and further away from recognising what we have, appreciating life for what it is, giving thanks for all the awesome moments in your life whether good or bad, but appreciating all “that the crazy planet can provide and all these amazing things.”

As they say in the advertisements... it is remembering to look up once in a while. 
Appreciate what you have right beside you....<3

Showcasing the amazing new works of Nomad and Meva @ The Crossroads Event and the gorgeous new outfit from Reverie available @ Indie Teepee apart from many other gorgeous items available right now. So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today: -

Hair: - pr!tty - Lohni - {Medium Roots} - (New) @ The Chapter Four
Headband: -pr!tty - Hello Sping - {Headband} - (New) The Chapter Four
Collar: - Meva Collar Necklace Silver White - (New) @ The Crossroads Event
Dress: - {Reverie} 'Fleur de Amaryliss' Tunic -  Vintage - Maitreya - (New) @ Indie Teepee
Sandals: - Elysium - Kim chunky sandals (Maitreya) - charcoal/ - (New) The Crossroads Event
Settee: - NOMAD // Ethereal Day Settee - (also comes with stars, but have removed for this photo) (New) Indie Teepee
Dog: - Greyhound - Watcher - Meadowworks
Photo Frame: - [ zerkalo ] Fall in Love - Photo Frame
Candle: - [ zerkalo ] Like a Bird - Bowl Candle Dark

Pose: - Anlar Poses The Restful Series 11 - One

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