#607 Indie Teepee is coming your way in a matter of hours..

Indie Teepee (Midsummer Nights) opens it’s doors to you at 12pm SLT on the 8th July and boy what a line up is available to you all.

On the 8th July, the festival opens with Dj’s from AAi and a spectacular firework show by Briony Events Unlimited.

There will be Music, Theatre, Pit Shows and Workshops, Creative Forums, Poetry Reading, Prim Charades, Games and Fashion Shows during the course of this festival, and did I mention the shopping?

Indie Teepee is proudly presented to you by the following sponsors:

Anlar Poses, Aphorism, Ariskea, Balaclava, Bauwerk, DRD, Empyrean Forge, Ideza, Knick Knacks, Nomad, Oyasumi, PewPew, Pixel Mode, Reverie, Soy, Storybook, Toro, Truth, Unkindness, and Wicca Merlin.

Don’t forget when landing you need to pick up the hud at the landing point and there is a gift bag waiting for you. The gift bag is loaded with amazing goodies from our designers.

So what are you waiting for, pencil in the 8th July into your calendar, as this is festival not to be missed.

For more information, come take a walk to: - http://www.indieteepee.com/

Destinations: - Indie Teepee(Midsummer Nights) 2016 

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  1. Thank you Mischa for the post! We appreciate it very much.