#581 Fragrance and Home...

There are days when I wish my home looked like the magazine perfect pictures I see all through blog land! For the last ten years at least, I’ve had messy adults in the house, incorrigible children (not mine), nieces and nephews, dogs, cats, a bird and lately messy teenagers, who are in the process of being house trained. I can’t help but ask: - “Will my house ever look pretty again?”

There’s an old saying. Home is where the heart is. I agree, it really is. It’s the place of safety and comfort. It’s the place you share with your family, your children, and your pets. Memories are made. Tears are wiped away. Laughter is shared. Your home is part of who you are. I’ve even heard people say it is even essential for their well-being. However, how can your home be a place of harmony and everything just perfect if it is constantly messy in a few minutes after cleaning it.

I seriously have OCD when it comes to my house and has to be perfect all the time. I do love the scent of lavender and citrus when I walk in my door, and honestly it is used to cover up the stench of teenagers (nieces and nephews) when they visit.  I pull out my fragrances to make it just right (with a blindfold). I sound like a naggy women now, just wish one day my house can be perfect in RL like it is inworld when I arrive in Secondlife.

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