#576 Come outside and cuddle

Who doesn't like to cuddle? Right now is the perfect month in which to celebrate cuddling because let’s face it, Spring is in full swing now, and it is the romantic month to spend with your loved one cuddling outside. The best cuddling weather is at hand, and there is something so warm and comforting about cuddling up and just relaxing. I feel pretty lucky because I have a constant cuddle buddy. My cat. Seriously, she is a cuddling fiend. I can’t even sit down for more than 30 seconds before she is all up in my lap, trying to seduce me into cuddling with her. In fact, guess where she is right now as I type this, if not sitting on my favourite chair.
Do you know why cuddling can be so calming? Well, apparently, as humans we are hard-wired to seek out physical touch and when we get it, the brain rewards us by releasing a calm-inducing hormone/neurotransmitter called oxytocin. Which is also known as the “cuddle hormone”. So there ya go. Cuddling is good for you. 
So what are you waiting for, come join me at our destination for today: - 
Destinations: - Zerkalo @ The Seasons Story (Coming Soon)
Chair: - [ zerkalo ] Like a Bird - Cage Chair Light - (RARE) @ The Seasons Story 
Food Tray: - [ zerkalo ] Like a Bird - Food Tray Light The Seasons Story 
Pillow: - [ zerkalo ] Like a Bird - Pillow Light The Seasons Story 
Candles: - [ zerkalo ] Like a Bird - Cage w/Candles Light The Seasons Story 
Rug: - [ zerkalo ] Like a Bird - Rug Light The Seasons Story 
Mug and Books: - [ zerkalo ] Hidden Corner - Mug & Books @ The Chapter Four 
Crate: - [ zerkalo ] Fisheman's Kit - Crate5A - 1LI
Sack: -[ zerkalo ] Fisheman's Kit - Sack2B - 1LI

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