#460 What's the time Alice with GizzA Creations

For my number '460' post, Here I am chasing the silly 'grey' rabbit in this case down these long and winding stairs at Flux Sur Mer. This time though I have brought my spare little clock courtesy of my friend Alles Klaar, and I never can seem to make a time stick. Am sure she agrees!! :)

Time is sure to get away from you at this awesome new event called the Alice in Sexyland Event which is on now. There is so much packed in this event. Alice in Sexyland is all about everything that a girl could wish for in this fairy tale. The event showcases, gorgeous skins, Jewellry, poses, and this adorable outfit from GizzA Creations called the 'Alice Corset'. 

The Alice in Sexyland Event runs from June 12th – June 26. So hurry before time does get away from you. Before you know it, it will be the 26th.. RUN!!!!

For more information about our destination for today, come take a walk to:

Destination: - Alice in Sexyland

Outfit: - GizzA - Alice Corset  (New) @ Alice in Sexyland
Garter: - Garter from Alice Corset (New) @ Alice in Sexyland
Boots: - GizzA - Alice Corset - High Hell Boots (New) @ Alice in Sexyland
Flowers: - GizzA - Haunted Forest / Collar Flower (New) @ Alice in Sexyland
Hair: - ~Tableau Vivant~ Sherilyn hair - Blonds
Hand Held Clock: - Erratic / lsm - alarm clock - red
Large Clock: - Junk. floor clock (New) @ The Arcade Gacha (June)
Necklace: - Lassitude & ennui Stacked pearls necklace (cleavage) rose
Bunny: - +Half-Deer+ Bunny made a Lantern (Honey/Yellow)
Flowers: - Little Branch - Daisy Field

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Marilyn 2
Picture taken at: FL U X   S U R   M E R

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