#424 Let's get lost at Hottie Cooterati Pose Fair with Atooly and Baiastice

Have you ever been lost? I can tell you numerous times I will be told to meet a friend at a certain place and the damn GPS takes me to a dead end and I think great, so there will be a road here one day, but now what. I want to get over there damn it!!.

Well that is me anyhow, I am terrible at using a road map, let alone to update the GPS with the latest maps, and then again and hopeless at taking directions.

One thing I am good at is memorizing songs. If I hear a song on the radio I turn the music way up, and think WOW I want that song!! I search for it, download it and then am one happy camper driving the next day, playing that song over and over again. But beside hearing the song a few times before I get a chance to download it, I do miss the old days of buying a cassette tape, and pausing to grab the lyrics.  I get so lost in the translation, words that sometimes I hear things that aren't there. I do thank those dedicated souls on on the Intranet that provide us with the lyrics.

One song that I have been listening to a lot of lately over and over again is the song from Twillight called "Lets get lost" (see below for video). Her voice is so calming, soothing, yet haunting. I think to the day that I watched that movie and heard that song for the first time. Yes am honest to admit it I indeed got lost. Lost in an hour of fantasy and excitement that I wanted to be like Bella.
Do you ever get lost?

One place you can't get lost at is that of Pose Fair for 2015 which opens in just a few days.  Excited to be invited back to Pose Fair this being my third year now. Pose Fair has some amazing artists that have designed and created such fluid moves for your beautiful avi that will keep you posing day after day. One such pose I am using now is from Atooly created by Rockstarroo GossipGirl.

For more information come take a walk to our destination for today: - 

Destination: - @ Hottie Cooterati Pose Fair 2015 (starting on April 11th)

Top: - Baiastice_Charlie Bra-Print/Tiger (New) @ Collabor88 (April)
Vest: - Baiastice Mile Vest-Print/Skull  (New) @ Collabor88 (April)
Skirt: - Baiastice Sava  Skirt-Print/Skull (New) @ Collabor88 (April)
Hair: - .Olive. the Steffi Hair - Naturals (New) @ Uber
Map:  - Apple Fall Books & Map  (New) @ Collabor88 (April)
Headpiece: - *LODE* Headwear - Valle

Pose: - [Atooly.poses] .012.(New) @ Hottie Cooterati Pose Fair 2015 - Landmark Coming soon

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