#408 I got no air in my lungs..with GizzA Creations, Hideki, Tableau Vivant, and Bauhaus Movement

You used to touch, I used to feel..
The shivers down my neck when you kissed me
Were they real?

You took the hope and left me empty
And then you cry "please, please"
But you and I bleed, bleed

Nothing but a heartbeat, Nothing but a heartbeat
I've got no air in my lungs
Got no bones in my body
There's nothing left inside of me

Dress: - Kate Dress from GizzA Creations @ Shiny Shabby
Decor: - Hideki Decor @ Shiny Shabby
Morning Coffee: - Hideki Morning Coffee @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: - Shiny by Tableau Vivant @ Shiny Shabby
Radio: - Twig Table Radio by Sari Sari
Chopping Stump:- Stump by Sari Sari
Logs: Stacked Logs by Sari Sari
Pillows: - Lounge Pillows by We're Closed @ Cosmopolitan Events
Deck: - Rustic Deck by We're Closed

Pose: - Zerkalo by Bauhaus Movement

Picture taken at Home

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