#395 When time never waits for us, then why do we wait? with GizzA Creations

 Have you ever constantly picked up your phone checking messages, did i miss it? Did he call?
Why the hell do we torture ourselves and wait. Why do we wait?.  Normally it is easy enough to tell if a guy likes you because they ask you out, want your number or try to attract your attention.   If you suspect that you are one of those people, that are looking at your phone, for that text, messenger or update. Forget it, if he dosen't say hello then he is not interested or unsure.

Yes it can be frustrating to determine whether he is into you or not. Here I give you some simple signs to look out for which will let you know for sure whether he is interested or time to stop waiting!!.

Time: The first thing people invest in a new relationship is time – new lovers will spend hours composing perfect emails or talking on the phone; your mobile phone becomes your best friend as you wait in eager anticipation for the next text, email or call so you can respond straight away. If a guy continually seems too busy to make time for you in his day then it is a sure sign that he isn’t really interested in pursuing a relationship with you.
Playing the field:  The sure sign that a guy isn’t interested in you is that even after you have been dating for a while they are still dating other people and encouraging you to do the same. If this is the case take his lead and go and find someone who is interested in developing a relationship exclusively with you. He is not worth it. He just wants the good ole "Friends.. or Friends with Benefits". Women are emotional beings and am sorry to say, Unless you can control your heart, friends with benefits whilst is awesome can tear you apart in the end when you see him with someone else.
Feeling Invisible: - In a healthy relationship there will be mutual interest – you will want to talk about yourself and share your life but you will also want to know about the other person and their life. Listening is as important as speaking and it is through this two way communication that we develop intimacy. When you are on a date you should feel as though you are the object of their attention,  if you are on a date with someone who isn’t that into you this won’t be the case – you may feel invisible. They will talk about themselves, go to places that interest them and seem oblivious to your needs, wants or feelings. You deserve better than that. So stop waiting, enjoy your life, explore, travel and don't forget time is short and waiting by that phone is not the answer.

Wearing the smart and chic outfit from Gizza Creations called the GizzA Stacey Dress I bring to you our destination for today: -

Destination for today: - GizzA Creations

Outfit: - Gizza Stacey Dress - (Plaid Beige) - Gizza Creations (New)
Skin: - Glam Affair - Sia Skin (Fairy Tale) (New) - Collabor88

Hair: - Celestia Brown - Tableau Vivant - Collabor88 (New)
Pouf: - Pilot Ruffle Pouf - Collabor88 (New)
Locker: - Apple Fall (Neva) Vintage Locker (New) @ The Chapter four (chapter 20)
Apple Pie: - Apple Fall (Neva) Apple Pie (New) @ The Chapter four (chapter 20)
Kitchen Shelf:  - Apple Fall (Neva) Kitchen Shelf (Rare) (New) @ The Chapter four (chapter 20)
Deer: - Dust Bunny Porcelein Deer

Pose: -  Bauhaus Movement 

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