#394 Just another day with 'Shiny Shabby Event', Zenith, AMD, Scarlet Creative, Haikei, and Ispachi

As with all January 1st’s, the first day of this new year was greeted by my crossing out 2014 at the top of the list of last year’s resolutions and writing 2015 in my best and boldest handwriting, resolved, yet again, that this would be a year where I finally get on top of the rotating resolutions.

 Basically those resolutions fall in two camps,  those things I’m going to do more of including writing - blogging, more exercise, spending less time with drama queens and more time laughing with my friends, and in the red corner,  things I am going to do less of, such as eating, moaning and procrastinating. Does that sound like a good new year's resolution? So what was yours.. had any success so far?

One event that is coming monthly is that of the Shiny Shabby Event. Coming soon in February, there has been a call for bloggers, and so fingers crossed, I can only hope I might be added to that list either this time or next.

So for now, stretching back watching the sun go down for the day, I bring to you our destination for today:-

Destination: Shiny Shabby Event

Outfit: - Zenith Beige Sweater/Skirt @ Shiny Shabby Event (New)
Cabinet: - Ipsachi @ Shiny Shabby Event (New)
Tea Cups: - Ispachi @ Shiny Shabby Event (New)
Pitcher: - Ispachi @ Shiny Shabby Event (New)
Wooden Ladder: - Scarlet Creative Wooden Ladder
Rug: - Dust Bunny Braided Rug
Open House: - Haikei Outdoor Open House
Necklace: - MG Unicorn Maiden Necklace - Collabor88 (January) (New)
Wedges: - AMD Lorde Mesh Wedges (New)

Pose: Bauhaus Movement - Sole

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