#374 Afterglow with Apple May, CheekyPea, Truth Hair, and Sways

Uber opened its doors on the 30th September, showcasing the theme for the month being "Shades of 
 Grey". I adore the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James and the three books weren’t nearly enough for me, …. All credit to E. L. James and her stunning Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.   A fourth one needs to be created now!! :) 

For those who are a lover of all things romantic, my next journey is that of the books by Diana Gabaldon who I have been a fan of for many years. The tv series "Outlander' was released in Australia only a few months ago, and like the books I am surely addicted.

For now though, of all things grey, alluring and spicy, come take a walk to Uber our destination for today, showcasing some of the amazing works by CheekyPea, Truth Hair,  and Sways just to name a few.

Destination: - Uber

Skin: - (AMD) Lexi - Peachy (New from Apple May)

Chair: - :CP: So Gray Bed (Adult) (New from Uber)
Bed: - :CP: So Gray Bed (Adult) (New from Uber)
Light: - Sway's [Neal] Bedside lamp . earth (New from Uber)
Clothes: - Sway's [Neal] Clothes on floor (New from Uber)

Hair: - TRUTH HAIR Vixen (New from Uber)
Vase: -  AF Rose Bouquet
Kiss and Hug Sign: - .:Revival:. "Kiss & Hug"

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