#224 Halloween Sweetness with 1 Hundred, Elephante Poses, Pure Poison and NS

When the time comes each fall to stock up on loads of trick or treat candy, to find an outfit and trot around door to door demanding treats from your neighbours. You can thank a culture from around 2000 years ago for this annual ritual. 
So how did this bizarre practice of passing out Halloween candy to any stranger who asked for it get started in the first place?
Irish and English immigrants coming to America brought some of their old world traditions with them. In those times, people gave 'soul cakes' to poor beggars and later disguised children to go a  guising carrying lamps fashioned from turnips not pumpkins.
Soon the practice of dressing up and going house to house asking for food or money on the eve of All - Hallows took hold in America and so it is today being the 21st Century, that the tradition continues. So don't eat all the Candy at once, from the Candy Fair and save some if you can for only a few days more.
 I bring to you our last destination for today:-

Destination:  Annual Candy Fair 
Outfit 1 Hundred. Sweet Princess Dress. Lavender
Skin -  Glam Affair - Cleo - America - 07
Eyes - Leticia2 -Cobalt Blue- *REDGRAVE*
Eyelashes - 16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
Hair - B. Schnapp cupcake
Hands - Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant
Necklace - PP - MeiMei Opal Necklace
Earings - PP - MeiMei Opal Earings
Lollipop - by NS

Backdrop -  at Annual Candy Fair

Pose - EP - Knock, Knock Trick or Treat #3


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