#180 Sun Bequeath me, with LivGlam, Finesmith, Vanity Hair and Limited Bazar

Australian summer brings hot and humid weather, and with it comes the exciting thunder storms.
Loud storms full of bangs and flashes of light. They remind me so strongly of  Summer Camp where the storms would often rumble across the lake and we would all watch in awe with quiet anticipation giggling, screaming at the flashes and bangs.  It is the little things that remind you of those days.

When the storms roll in they come unexpected and you can feel the rain and the wind on your face, you can smell the air come alive with electricity and the faint smell of salt that beckons you to hastly run before the strong downpour that follows. Just giving you enough time to grab your towel and duck for cover.  How I miss the summer storms, and I know they are not far away now as the winter comes to an end, and the flowers of spring are just opening to say hello.

As I await the storm to pass I secretly whisper, come back sun, bequeath me as I so miss you.

One destination that the sun always shines is that of our stunning designers that have being busy yet again, this being our destinations for today.

Destinations - Liv Glam, Finesmith, Vanity Hair and Limited Bazar.

So don't delay come take a walk to our four destinations for today.

Dress [LG] K Collection Come & Get it Dress 2 (New)
Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly - America 05 BL
Eyelashes - 39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
HairVanity Hair: Fantastic Girl-Adagio (New)
Accessory 1 - Ring - FINESMITH- Here comes the sun - Laguna (New)
Accessory 2 - Necklace +:+WTG+:+ **Neon Tower** (New from  Limited Bazar)

 Pose - Slouch- pose239 by Eira Juliesse

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