#179 The Conjuring of Corvus, eXxEsS and LISP

Since it opened July 19, the paranormal thriller The Conjuring has been scaring both moviegoers and its box-office competition. The Conjuring boldly proclaims that it's "based on the true case files of the Warrens." If you're not a horror movie fan, you may be puzzled about why people put themselves through the ordeal of watching such movies.

Many behavioural researchers share your puzzlement, giving rise to a term: the "horror paradox." There's something really powerful that brings people to watch these things, because it's not logical. So why do we love horror movies? Is it the gore, is it the fact that it gets our adrenaline pumping. The first is that the person is not actually afraid, but excited by the movie. The second explanation is that they are willing to endure the terror in order to enjoy a euphoric sense of relief at the end.

Whatever the reason, whether it is the special effects, or just wanting to share some excitement.
Go grab yourself someone to hold onto, and come take a look at one of our destinations for today at a movie theatre near you - Second Cinema, Movie Theater

Outfit - Corvus : Black Corset Dress (Corvus)
Skin - Glam Affair - Katya - Europa 05 C (New from Collar88)
Eyelashes - Luscious *REDGRAVE*
HaireXxEsS : TIAMAT Black
Boots - [Gos] Equestrian Boot - Black -
Mirror - LISP1 - Body Mirror
Violin - Violin Mesh from TUSKO / NiNight Creations (Marketplace)
Pose - [DP] Down On My Knees 13

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