#178 Bienvenidos Viajeros (Welcome Travelers) to LivGlam, and Glam Affair

In RL I am work extremely hard and call myself a professional, with some years of experience and still more to go. However, I’ve always been secretly jealous of those that are talented in other areas of the arts. As I’ve turned thirty, I developed an interest in art, particularly drawing, painting, and I have spent a lot of time in galleries and museums observing some truly beautiful work.
The problem is, I believe that I have no artistic talent whatsoever…I can take photos and try to capture the beauty within, I also have made a few attempts to sketch things, but it looks like the work of a demented five year old that has just been let loose with a crayon.  
In SL,  I envy those that can design clothing such as what I am wearing now from LivGlam which looks just as it would in a wardrobe. The incredible designers of Collar88 have created some masterpieces definitely worth looking at, and the many intricate architecture that is found around destinations within SL like where I am visiting today - called Bitacora Land.
For those of you that have a natural artistic talent, I hope you appreciate what a beautiful thing it is…
Cause there are some here that can only dream to be as talented one day.

For more information, come take a visit to some of our creative destinations for today:
 - Bitacora Land
 - Black Fair
 - Collar88

Outfit - [LG]K Collection(Summer 13) Apple Corset  (New) - from the Black Fair
Skin - -Glam Affair - Katya - Europa 05 C (New from Collar88)
Eyes - Amacci Look Eyes - Denim
Lips - Glam Affair - Cleo -
Eyelashes - Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Hair - !lamb. The Big Doll House (Mesh) - Creme
Necklace - [7891.] Iso Necklace - Gold
Bracelet - Noodles - Millie Rose Cuff Silver/Pink (New from Collar88)
Pose - Slouch- pose200  (New)

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