#60 Amarelo Manga and Mandala

 One destination I arrived at today, made me think about 'Art and Dance'.
The scene looked very much like what you would find in a nightclub
but with beautiful surroundings of artwork.
Arriving at this destination today, I knew it had the scenery to showcase the artistic works of
Amarelo Manga and Mandala.
Thinking about Dance, I wondered to myself,  
What is dance, exactly? Is dance a sport? Art? Or both?

Dance has all the elements of a sport: physical endurance, coordination, practice, discipline, and even, in some cases, competition. For me it is tripping over my feet.
Yet many, if not most, dancers define dance as something distinctly different from a typical athletic activity. To many, dance is a creative and expressive form of art.
Just as painters use paint and brushes to create beautiful pictures, dancers use their bodies to create beautiful pieces of movement. 
So what do you define as Dance, is Dance an art?
Come take a look at our destination for today,

DestinationPatron, the Art of Design

Top - Amarelo Manga - Top Indra
Skirt - FANATIK: Mini skirt leather black
Skin - Belleza- Ava Sk BL 8
Eyes - - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes 17
Eyelashes - -Glam Affair- Couture Lashes no.1
Hair - Exile Arihana:Moonlight
Accessory 1 - MANDALA KAGETORA necklace/Gold

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