#50 {Zaara} and Gos

One blog that I used to write before 'SL Destinations R Us' was called Mischa Moyet's Coffee Talk.
I started that blog because I wanted to combine our Secondlife fantasies with real life and why we tend to escape our lives and come on here.
Thinking about it now, that blog seems ages ago.
For a little bit of a vision of the past, I am sitting here drinking my Vittoria Coffee at our destination for today in the fabulous surroundings of  - Indyra Originals,
Celebrating my #50th blog post for SL Destinations R Us.
Feeling relaxed wearing these sassy and casual clothes from Zaara and the
fabulously new black & zebra marilyn sandals from Gos.
I smile at the onlookers,as they head up the stairs and across to the various shops
within Indyra's walls.
I am thrilled at presenting to you fifty blog posts over the past months
and hope you like what you read, and will see if my computer graphics card can handle
another 50 more :)
P.S Just in case have started to search for another computer x
From Mischa
Destination  Indyra Originals Mainstore
TopZaara : [Mesh] Sanya draped top *ebony-gold* (New)
Pants -  Zaara : [Mesh] Kavya summer pants *ebony* (New)
Shoes - [Gos] Marilyn Sandals - Black & Zebra (New)
Skin - Izzies Harlow Skin sunkissed BLB CL
Eyes - Izzie's - Natural MESH Eyes *grey*
Lipgloss - Blacklace Beauty Sticky LipGloss - Clear
Hair- ::Exile:: Caitrin:Sunset
Necklace - Zaara : Atiriya stone necklace *carnelian-silver* (New)
Bracelet - Zaara : Atiriya stone bracelet  *carnelian-silver* (New)


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