#25 Summer at the 'Beachstore'

As I walk down to the coast from my hotel, to the pure white sand below.
I look far to the right and are amazed as the sand extends along the whole expanse of the seashore.
I hear the seagulls shriek loudly as they soar gracefully above as I step onto the beach. 
The soft, warm sand squishes between my toes whilst my nostrils detect the sweet summer lotion mixing with the crisp breeze off of the ocean and the crashing waves colliding against the shore.  

Stepping into the water, I feel its cool touch envelop my legs and slowly rise up my body as I wade farther into the sea. Plunging under the surface, I taste the bitter salt of the ocean in my mouth and rise back to the surface.
Watching the sun leisurely sinking into the ocean, I see majestic dolphins leap out of the dark blue water and dive back in as if silently saying farewell to this gorgeous summer day.
To me this is summer !!,
The tastes, smells, the way you feel alive as the sun envelops you after being cooped inside
all winter long. 

As I live in Australia, our summer's are hot and yet magical at the same time.
Tell me, are you ready for Summer yet?

Many places in Secondlife offer summer goodies and accessories such as our destination today.
Destination: - The Beach Store
Outfit - #bf beach set gray silk outfit (Babel Fashions)
Hair  - ::Exile:: Caitrin:Persimmon
Skin - LAQ ~ Ebba [Peach] 01
Lipgloss - Blacklace Beauty Sticky LipGloss - Clear
Eyes  - LG Daydream Eyes II - Cassiopeia (L)
Eyebrows -  LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Eyebrows
Features - Miamai_XGen Makeup_Face Freckles 02_Red Hair
Accessories 1 - Sunglasses Gem - The Beachstore  - 10L (only)
Accessories 2 - Sunhats (Yellow or White) - The Beachstore - 10L (only)
Accessories 3 - Beach Towel and Umbrella - The Beachstore
Accessories 4 - Beach Bag (Fallen over) - The Beachstore

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