#10 K-CODE and Roly Poly

If you ask any one what is their favorite past time, and that a person's credit card was limitless, 
then the majority of you would give one answer and that is: 'Shopping'

Both men as well as women know that women simply love to shop.
It is like the best thing that a woman can think of when she is bored or when she has 
nothing better to do, or simply we all just love good things.

One thing I can say is this girl loves to shop!!

 Secondlife opens up so many doors for people like myself that love to shop and explore. 
They say great taste is timeless. Wearing such a timeless and awesome outfit today from K-CODE (shirt, jacket, pants, jewellery, and shoes), this is only but one of the many excellent mesh outfits available at this store.

 Whilst travelling around some of the vast lands in Secondlife wearing this funky K-Code outfit, 
I came across this little shop called Roly Poly
 The quaint mesh items, the designs for your shop or are truly unique. Come look for yourself

Destination: Roly Poly (Link to Store above)

Shirt -   K-CODE Olivia 1 Shirt

Jacket - K-CODE Dahlia 8

Pants -  K-CODE InStripes Lilac

Shoes -  K-CODE Josephine5
Hair - >TRUTH< Georgina - champagne
Skin - Ricielli - DIVA Makeups / Eyeshadow 03
Eyelashes - Eyelashes -20- Diamond Dust *
Eyes -Expressive eyes green 5 by Nany Merlin
Accessories 1 - K-CODE April Necklace
Accessories 2 - K-CODE Kay4 - Earings

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