#9 K-Code, MyANIMATION, EXILE and Bens Beauty

Wearing this gorgeous complete outfit, (shirt, pants, and shoes) from K-Code, there are many places in Secondlife and one that draws me back each time is the Land of Cadenza.

The richness of colours, the bursts of light, makes you want to dance around and be a child again.

Swaying to the sounds of Cadenza from MyANIMATION. The sounds can cheer you up or move you to tears, it can make you content or it can stir you into action, you can relate to it or you can laugh at it. It can be on in the background or you can blast it throughout the whole house. It’s so versatile, there’s music for every occasion, and there are new kinds of music being made all the time. 
It is ever evolving. How does music make you feel?

Hair - ::Exile:: Take it off:Rust
Skin - -Belleza- Elle BR Med 5 (cleavage)
Lipgloss - Blacklace Beauty~ Gloss Lipstick Coral 2 (fixed)
Eyebrows - Ivalde Skin-Medium-Pkg 4
Eyes - Expressive eyes green 5 by Nany Merlin
Eyelashes - Eyelashes -20- DiamondDust *REDGRAVE*
Animation - My-SENSUAL-62 (MyANIMATION)
Accessories 1 - Miamai_Hide System Lashes
Accessories 2 - ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Vintage Ring 4

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