#11 (Milk Motion), MAITREYA and CCD

Sometimes I just need to slow down and catch my breath. I need to let go of all the stress that has slowly built inside me, day after tedious day.  Working the typical nine to five I am lucky, I can fix whatever ails me and bring myself back just by closing my eyes and lying on some sand.
The beach to me is escapism in all it’s forms: contemplative, thrill seeking, fun and above all gives me time to myself when it is available.
Within Secondlife there are many forms of escapism, the one beach and it's surroundings that keeps me coming back is our destination today - Crossing Currents.
What is your escapism? 
Destination: Crossing Currents
Shirt - Maitreya Cupio - Basics top
Skirt - Milk Motion - Lace Mini Skirt (Free Friday)
ShoesMaitreya Gold - IXkin - Cocoa-Duo

Hair - Argrace Bella - Auburn
Skin - Belleza - Elle BR Med 0 HB
Eyelashes - Eyelashes -20- Diamond Dust *
Eyes -Expressive eyes green 5 by Nany Merlin
Accessories 1 - DeLa Sunglasses - RG1 - Swirl Pink Lens
Accessories 2 - CCD - Ring - Asscher - Ruby (Free Friday)

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