#860 They look at each other and that's the 'meet cute.'..

I was sitting on a train recently, observing the informal “Golden Rule” among most people who frequently travel, especially in the mornings: You don’t bother me, I won’t bother you. By bother, we mean talk. It may seem rude, but some people can actually sit next to each other for a full trip whether it be on a train, bus or plane never saying more than “excuse me” when we need to step over each other to get to the aisle.  
Strange as it may seem, we consider this polite. We are terrified of the notion of losing an hour or two of work time, reading time, movie time, listening to music time, or even sleep time, to idle conversation time—or worse, opening the door to being asked for a favor. We like silence in the morning travel. Silence is safe. Silence is also a lost opportunity... 

About twenty minutes before my train trip, I had been noticing this cute guy stroll up and stand next to me as we waited to board the train. His eyes glanced at mine and vica versa. We both smiled at each other nervously as I could tell he wanted to say hello. Funnily enough the train before had been cancelled and we were all impatiently waiting to get to the seat.. if you missed out it would have been an hour-long journey standing. 

As a gentleman he was, he let me get on board first, holding the door open so I could step up first, and he then followed. Here was my opportunity –Thankyou I said. There was one open seat left as a couple had just come off the train. I raised for it as someone from the other end raced for the full seat. I got there first, and sure enough Mr Hottie looked at me and said ‘Do you mind if I take a sit here”? Sure, seat is yours. (Thinking OMG).

We braved the quick small talk before the golden rule set in.. and I was cursing the golden rule whoever had thought of that crap.  So the glances continued and he decided to break the rule... He asked me if I was headed to work or away. He told me he was headed home after playing a music gig the night before.  Ripped jeans, dark hair, intense blue eyes, and olive skin. Yep I could watch him play anytime! It was a great hour chatting and whilst I do not know if I will ever see him again – yes we swapped numbers -  but it made me think hard about that unwritten rule of bothering the strangers around you. 

How many amazing opportunities get away from us because we are too wrapped up in ourselves to reach out, or too exhausted from today’s turmoil to see tomorrow’s opportunity? We’ll stare into a tiny LED screen and page through infinite tidbits in a news feed, but we’ll hide from the tangible stranger who is less than a foot from our elbow.   The motto of the story is never be afraid to say Hello to someone, because you may miss the opportunity of a meet cute...😊

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