#793 Sabbatical...

This won’t be like every other blog post about travel. Instead, this is about you and the chance of recharging yourself. Rather than sitting on a beach and Instagramming about it. This is about blowing your life up, analyzing each piece, and then putting it back together again... Are you ready? 

It’s about leaving your life behind, yes, but intending to come back to it after some time away. This is a post about going on a sabbatical and how they are becoming a linchpin of the wandering career path for those privileged enough to be able to take them. 

The sabbatical, typically the realm of academics and over-worked executives, is becoming mainstream. Yes, that means you are on that list, or at least, it’s becoming easier and a more realistic possibility. Episodic careers, nomad-friendly jobs, an increasingly accessible travel infrastructure, has made the long-term career break increasingly common. Companies like Google, Adobe, and McDonald's offer a month-long sabbatical to longtime employees... honestly!!  

So, if you’re daydreaming about packing your bags and heading anywhere to reflect and recharge: You’re not alone and you’re not crazy and it is possible... 

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today: -  

Destinations:  UberThe Epiphany 

DRD - The Pack Rat - White - Static Car - (New) @ Uber 
peaches. Countryside Picnic - Cushion (white lace) - (New) @ Uber 
peaches. Countryside Picnic - Rustic Blanket Table - (New) @ Uber 
peaches. Countryside Picnic - Cheese Tray - (New) @ Uber 
peaches. Countryside Picnic - Picnic Basket - (New) @ Uber 
zerkalo ] The Den - Tray - (New) @ The Epiphany 
zerkalo ] The Den - Hookah - (New) @ The Epiphany 
zerkalo ] The Den - Mattress - RARE - (New) @ The Epiphany 
zerkalo ] The Den - Chinese Lantern - (New) @ The Epiphany 
:revival:. fire wood stack 
The Hive - Autumn Lanterns//Candle 1 

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