#789 I'll have a side of beach with my coffee

Wake up every morning to the sound of the ocean waves rolling in to greet you as you sit back to prepare yourself to read the paper and bend down to slowly brush off the sprinkles of sand from your bare feet. 

You close your eyes, taking in the warmth of the rays after the clouds disperse to showcase a gorgeous rainbow, as you start to smell the fishy hint of salt as you enjoy your morning coffee…that’s what this vacation is all about... the sounds, and smells. 

Within walking distance to many shops, restaurants, and bars, your holiday excitement is awaiting. The phrase, “Begin as you mean to go on…” (by Charles Haddon Spurgeon) nicely describes my philosophy when it comes to greeting a brand-new day, full of unlimited possibilities when on holidays. My day always flows best when I take the time to tune in to the outside world. I also love rituals and finding pleasure in the simple things – not just in the morning, but all day – turning ordinary daily practices into exceptional experiences. 

This way of life is calling me, but for now, it all starts with my morning routine, and of course my morning coffee.. 

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today: -  

Destinations:   Ultra EventThe Mens Department, Uber
Serenity Style-Shiva Beach Tent v.2 - (New) @ Ultra Event 
Serenity Style-Shiva Beach Tent v.1 - (New) @ Ultra Event 
keke ] fat beers on ice 1  - (New) @ The Mens Department 
hive // orange juice prep - (New) @ Hive 
hive // bowl of fresh oranges - (New) Hive 
DRD - Boho Fish Shack - Surf Bar - (New) @ Uber 
DRD - Boho Fish Shack - Decorated Shack - (New) @ Uber 
DRD - Boho Bean Coffee Shack - Shack Furnished - (New) @ Uber 
DRD - Boho Bean Coffee Shack - Table One - (New) @ Uber 
ionic : Birras! 
.::THOR::.. Metal Vintage Chair yellow 

Picture taken at the amazing new sim called: - “Voodoo in my blood 

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