#769 One last night...

We all know many people who have ignored their heart in life. Their heart was telling them to date a certain person, go after a certain job, or live a certain life, but instead of listening to their heart, they ignored it and did something easier or more expected of them. These people have regrets, and they will tell you about them often. It’s a lesson for all of us who want to listen to our hearts but are debating whether we really should or not. 
However, there is also a group of people who have listened to their hearts and have found themselves in a place of struggle or anxiety. Their hearts have led them to do things that have gotten them in trouble. There hearts have said go for it only to realise that other person does not feel the same. 

They wished they hadn’t followed their hearts in some cases. Firstly they think they have made a fool of themselves and regretting that impulse decision. 

It can scare the crap out of us when it comes to deciding whether to listen to our hearts...
To listen to your heart means to listen to your intuition – your gut feeling about your life.  
It’s important to remember that sometimes making a decision based on what your heart says can fall through sometimes. So put your head up high, and remember, they lose not you.  

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