#757 Some people are bad sports...

You’ve heard it countless times: It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that matters. The concept looks great on paper, but when you have to reconcile with the fact you won and they lost, all you want to do is cheer with joy and feel slightly sad, yet rejoicing for those who are heartbroken and crying.. Or, for that matter, to the angry parent who’s shouting criticism from behind the batter’s box at the neighborhood game, that you just want to pitch the ball at their face

Chances are you’ve seen poor sportsmanship in action — at the corporate softball game, on the tennis court or even at your football game.  

Maybe you’ve been a sore loser a time or two yourself. Fact is that we are all competitive deep down. 
When you exhibit a positive, healthy attitude toward life’s wins and losses, when you honor your strengths and weaknesses fairly and honestly, it can go a long way toward making you happier, healthier and more satisfied in every area of life. And one of the best rewards?  

Good sportsmanship is contagious. Do the right thing consistently, and those around you — teammates, bosses, family and friends — will feel more compelled to follow suit. 

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