#661 The Truth Runs Wild...

“I am so angry with him. I need to vent …”
“I think it’s important that you know what she/he has been doing … “
“Have you heard the latest?
"Did you know..
"Did you hear "he/she" has come out?

Wherever people gather there will be conversation; sometimes (okay, often!), that conversation becomes gossip, which may blossom into rumour. 

So why do we gossip, why do we hurt people just to make ourselves feel better?

People who don't feel good about themselves temporarily feel better when they judge others negatively. When people can't generate interesting discussions based on knowledge or ideas, gossip can rouse people's interest. People gossip in order to hurt those whose popularity, talents, or lifestyle they envy. It all comes down to jealousy.

Why don't we just enjoy what we have around us, and get to know people unconditionally.

Just remember people who gossip about others will turn their attention to you one day. Stay away from the gossipers as they intend to hurt and one day they will direct their attention at you. They do this so they cannot see the hurt they are suffering themselves and end up focussing their hurt on others..

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