#657 Mama told me..spread your wings my little butterfly...

I’ve dedicated lots of words to my Mum, her little legacies run through this blog. I found my voice as she lost hers to Alzheimer’s three years ago and then passed in May of this year. My mother loved music like I do as well, and I can see her bopping away to the best musicians that also have left this earth, the likes of Bowie, and of late dancing with Debbie Reynold’s. Blogging about losing her was the way I found my way, and into a new life writing and creating pictures that I love.

It may sound weird but I celebrated my mother’s birthday yesterday – December 28th and went to visit her at the crematorium and placed some beautiful blue orchids on her plaque. Whilst I am sure my visits will become less frequent, I have made a promise to visit on each birthday and then on May 31st the day she passed until such time I am unable to visit her myself.

I wish she could have stayed longer, to teach me how to juggle life, but when I look back, she gave me the greatest tool for a grown up and that was to live life to the fullest.  My Mum inspired me to write, to travel, to make a difference in the world, to appreciate all the little things and build big dreams..to spread my wings and fly.

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