#534 Home by the sea with Cinphul

It can be in the city, in the country, by the slopes or by the sea. Wherever your home is, it means so much more than just bricks and mortar. It’s your base for everything. Your home can be your passion or place of work. Your home can be a place to relax, to share family time, and to plan your future. Coming home gives us comfort... provides us with space to pause, take stock and mull things over. We are free to do whatever we want to do, the freedom that home brings.
Home is the ultimate dream you’ve been wanting for ever. A reality, so it’s worth looking after, whether you own it or rent it.  Your home is a place to get away from it all—like, really get away—but perhaps the thought of roughing it in the wilderness without modern conveniences isn't your thing. That's why the house by the sea is my fantasy, or at least my vacation destination, at least in my dreams when I am stuck at work, thinking I wish I could hear the waves and the ocean, only to stare at three walls, a open door and glass. So I have created this little picture of the last place I travelled too in RL which was similar to the above.

Cinphul have created this home by the sea which is perched for this benefit on Neva River’s land, this being our destination for today.
So what is your home? Do you have your dream home? Do you have a home by the sea? What is your fantasy destination.

For now though our destination for today is:

Destination: - Cinphul

House: - Cinphul Betani (New) @ Cinphul (contact Imokon Neox)
Tree: - Autumn Tree - from We're Closed

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