#445 A new day with Zanze

There's a feeling that I got that I can't give up
Feeling in my heart that I can't get over
I know that it's coming let the sun come up
Tell me do you feel the same, everybody say

Ay, it’s a new day, it's a new day
The world is getting ready, everybody's ready, yeah
For a new day, for a new day

Wearing the beautiful new outfit from Zanze for the Penumbra SS15 Fashion Week I bring to you our destination for today: - 

Destination: - Penumbra SS15 Fashion Event (on Now!)
For more information about what is coming tomorrow see below.

Dress: - Zanze: - Provocateur Dewey Sage (New) @ Penumbra SS15 Fashion Week
Hair: - Exile - Miles to Nowhere (New) @ Collabor88
Garden Barde Abode: - Trompe Loeill - Garden Barde Abode (New) @ Collabor88
Path Light :- Trompe Loeill Path Light
Tree: - We're Closed Summer Tree

Pose: - Francesca by Bauhaus Movement

May 17 

SHOW 5 – Runway Show
Sunday, May 17, 2015        10:00 AM
Designers showcased: Ghee, Indyra Originals, Zanze Women

SHOW 6 – Runway Show
Sunday, May 17, 2015        12:00 PM
Designers showcased: alaFolie, MEB, Prism, White Room Couture, Entice

SHOW 7 – Runway Show
Sunday, May 17, 2015        2:00 PM
Designers showcased: Topazia, BLACKHAUS, Supernatural

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