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The news we see on the television and or listen on the radio is all about impact, inspiring the reader to keep tuning into the channel to hear more. There was some great news released today on the birth of the beautiful little princess in England. This little princess will open her eyes to the world and all I can hope is that she is safe and protected from the horrors in life but as well dreams about making the world a different place.

Whilst this is difficult to write about without upsetting any person. I must admit I am grateful that the news sometimes dosen't show all that goes on in the world. I do however question some practices that occur to animals in particular. I will never question a religion nor treat anyone differently. What I question is the inhumane way animals are treated at a particular festival. Not many people know that in the Hindu faith, and I respect and treat their religion like I do my own. What I am concerned about is that for a festival they slaughter annually over 5000 buffaloes in such a horrific way, mutilating them, cutting of their heads with a bayonet that the animal would suffer. The practice is supposed to bring them luck. Has it brought them luck?

I was shocked to read about this practice. I am not saying that I don't accept the Hindu faith at all, the people are beautiful and friendly. I am however shocked at what occurs at the Gadhimai Hindu Festival. In some cultures animals are a food, in some they are blessed.  Devotees of this practice believe the event brings good luck and will encourage Gadhimai, the Hindu goddess of power, to answer their wishes. You can read more if you like from the attached link to this festival. Pictures are shocking and sad to see, my apologies. I am also aware of certain practices that even in Australia occurs to our poultry that too is inhumane. Could it be possible, that in the future we think about what is perhaps a right way and a wrong way to treat our animals. That there is a humane way after all that will cause no suffering.

On a more positive note, Thankyou to Zerkalo for giving me the opportunity to blog for you. I was thrilled to be invited and delighted to present your items that you are currently showcasing your works at the the Home Show 2015 that is on right now.

For more information about our destination for today, Come take a walk to: -

Destination: - @ The Home Show 2015

Table: - Zerkalo Natural Wood Table @The Home Show 2015
Rug: - Zerkalo Woollen Rug @The Home Show 2015
Bean Bags: - Zerkalo Linen Bean Bag 5, and Linen Bean Bag 4 @The Home Show 2015
Frames: - Zerkalo Wooden Frame @The Home Show 2015
Magazines: - Zerkalo Magazines @The Home Show 2015
Quilt Rack: Second Spaces - Beverly Quilt Rack - Blue/Brown  @The Home Show 2015
Baskets: - Fancy D├ęcor; Woven Baskets @The Home Show 2015
Picture: - Fancy Decor: Vostre 1 @ The Home Show 2015
Puzzle in the box: - Second Spaces - Gettin' Jiggy - puzzle @ The Home Show 2015
Puzzle out of the box: - Second Spaces - Gettin' Jiggy - puzzle @ The Home Show 2015
Sitting Deer: - +Half-Deer+ Quiet Deer Fawn - Maple @ The Home Show 2015
Sleeping Deer: - +Half-Deer+ Sleeping Deer Fawn - Cream @ The Home Show 2015
Tables: - Fancy Decor: Nesting Tables @ The Home Show 2015
Vase: - *LODE* Decor - Snapdragon Vase [dark violet] @ Shiny Shabby Event
Vase: - Bauhaus Movement - Nene Set Vase
Book and Candle: - .:revival:. book pile & candle 2
House: - 01 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana  Mansion RARE

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