#388 Remembering the Year that was, with Faun, Moon, Haikei and Bauhaus Movement

Sometimes it is hard to look back and remember a year that has passed. You think to yourself, what have I done, what have I achieved, what new years resolution did I make and fail. So many thoughts go through your head when you celebrate on the clock at midnight on the 31st December of each year.
When you look back and hear all the famous stars that have passed on, you think life is going way too fast. Remembering stars such as:
  • Robin Williams - will comedy ever be the same again?
  • Joe Cocker - the romance and husky songs that man could sing, So sad, cancer has affected another. Will they ever find a cure?
  • Shirley Temple - Child star that was ever so sweet and those curls :)
  • Gough Whitlam - Our lovely old Prime Minister and what he achieved.
  • Ann Davies - The delightful star from the Brady Bunch, Brady Bunch always remembers the maid.
  •  Phillip Hughes - Such a tragic loss, our young Australian cricketer.
  • Charlotte Dawson - Fashion and modelling worlds have shone a little less brightly ever since the passing of Charlotte Dawson.
  •  Oscar de la Renta - We mourned this awesome fashion designer and so many others.
Sharing with you all those that will never be forgotten.

Destinations:N21 Event and Kustom 9

Vest: - Faun Linx Grey Vest New @ Kustom 9
Jersey: - Faun Gigi Leather Sleeved Jersey New @ Kustom 9

Hair: - Moon Hair - She Waits @ N21 Event
Leggings: - Tres Blah Knitted Leggings

Chair: - Zigana Lazy Chair

House: - Haikei Outdoor Open House

Cat Sitting - (fd) cat sitting
Hot Chocolate: - Erratic Home Hot Chocolate
Pose: by Bauhaus Movement

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