#264 Take me to the Sun, Moon and back with AFI Designs

There’s a strange feeling that overcomes us sometimes when we’re reaching out to someone, it can be a feeling of acute embarrassment. “Are we bothering them?” we ask ourselves, and almost wanting to apologize for even sending a message in the first place. It’s as though our very presence in their lives is a nuisance, and our efforts to connect as friends or lovers is one that only complicates things for them. Or does it?

We want to say, “I’m sorry that I want to talk to you, it’s weird and I should probably stop.” When you do stop though, they reply and you think, OK they just want to be friends, maybe I am over reacting. The one moment when they reach out to you, you know, It is ok to be friends. You may want them to take you to the moon, the sun and back, if you know what I mean, but give it time.
You never know. Being friends sometimes is the best way to be. So don't rush, enjoy the ride. You never know where it will take you. :)

Wearing the beautiful, new and exotic dress from AFI Designs, I bring to you our destination for today:-

Destination:AFI Designs

Dress: - AFI Designs Cleo Gown (New)
Skin: -  Glam Affair - Kaelyn - America
Hair: - TRUTH HAIR Gaia (New)
Necklace: - Pure Poison - Tisuki Necklace
Eyelashes: - ::Dutch Touch:: AddOns - EyeLashes
Eyes: - {D.A} Dead Apples Nebula Grey
Cheeks: - {D.A} Dead Apples Tintable
Hands: - Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual

Background - Miami Fashion Creations - Sprout

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