#186 Dead as a doornail - (Shoetopia Entry for 2013) with Just Designs

Wearing these gorgeous black 'Just Design' shoes called Charme. It made me think of the expression Dead as a Doornail. It appears that this reference dates back to the 1300's where it was mentioned by our favorite poet -  Shakespeare. But why particularly a doornail, rather than just any old nail? Could it be because of the repetition of sounds, and the much better rhythm of the phrase compared with the version without door? Almost certainly the euphony has caused the phrase to survive for generations. 

The usual reason that the expression from what I can find is given the name doornail was one of the heavy studded nails on the outside of a medieval door, or possibly that the phrase refers to the particularly big one on which the knocker rested.  A doornail, because of its size  would seem dead enough for any proverb; the one on which the knocker sat might be thought particularly dead because of the number of times it had been knocked on the head.

Anyhow, you have to love history, if it wasn't for history we wouldn't be here now.

For my shoetopia entry for 2013, I bring to you this gorgeous destination designed by the 
amazing Asa Vodun. Come visit Appleblossom and a peek around the corner is Asa's Quai Blues.

Destination - *^*  Appleblossom *^*

Skin - 02b Pale Skin -Liv- /*sunlight *REDGRAVE
Shoes - JD - Charme - Black Canvas
Pose - Maai & Fly Lily Poses (

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