#153 Fresh waters entice you with LivGlam

You know the old saying, A picture is worth a thousand words.
As humans we are largely responsive to visual cues (pictures) whether we like to admit it or not.
Pictures have the ability to make us feel happy, excited, disgusted, and curious among other things.
We can remember a famous brand just by looking at their image and can even reminisce 10, 20, 30 years into the past to a moment in our lives where we were affected emotionally by a specific event simply by looking at an old picture.  Images can also warn us or give us clues about to what’s to come. Magazines understand the basic nature of human beings and our inability to ignore powerful images.

Images convey emotion about what you are talking about in a powerfully sensory based way and gives additional depth to your content.  Good images create an atmosphere that people want to invoke themselves in and be a part of.  If your visitors can relate to and connect with your images you’ve increased the likelihood that they will return.

This image taken at the awesome location of Neva River, was my capture for today thankyou to a excellent photographer - Lestat Draconia. Wearing this gorgeous bikini from the LivGlam Spring Collection, am curious what does this picture tell you?

For more information come take a visit to our destination for today:-

Destination: Liv Glam

Bikini - [LG] K-Collection (Spring 13)Vanessa3 Bikini
Skin - Glam Affair - Cleo - America - 06
Eyes - IKON Destiny Eyes - Clarity
Hair - TRUTH Tymber - platinum
Nails - Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V 4 by Jaman

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