#122 An Lema beckons you to Fantasy Faire 2013

The clock is ticking as the creators anxiously count down the long awaited start to Fantasy Faire 2013. As sleep beckons for the night, before the dawn of a new day. I lay down beckoning you all to not miss the start of Fantasy Faire 2013, and to come for a visit to the many fascinating adventures that await you. One such creator that is working hard in the wee hours of the morning is An Lema.
Curling myself on this masterpiece of furniture designed by AelKennyr Rhiano, you can find this designers works in the  breathtaking Tolkien insptired sim of Alqualonde the Swanhaven.

Shop the three level sky marketplace, visit the eternal home of the legendary Eldar elves from the world of Tolkien's works.  Be Amazed. Be Astounded.. You will find the finest that there is to be had in elven, high fantasy, medieveal and renaissance inspired builds, furniture, home furnishings and other various objects that will make your SL beautiful and unforgettable.

DestinationFantasy Faire 2013 - (Countdown opening in 98 mins)

Dress - AZUL- Artemis Flare /Onyx
Skin - Belleza- Ava Sk BL 1
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (True Grey)
Hair - Exile:: Like Lovers Do:Maraschino
Nails - Izzie's - Long French Nails
Accessory 1 - An Lema - Master Jasper's Steampunk Elven Fainting Couch

Alqualonde the Swanhaven

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