#121 Crimson Fields with Azul and Southpaw at Fantasy Faire 2013

Let every flower blossom in its own beauty, Let every soul engage in its own duty,
Let every truth speak in its own bounty; Let all worlds coalesce in pure grace,
Till violence of force mar nature’s own pace. Nature is beauty in its pristine charm
In harmony with all, within, and calm, Pure like sunshine, warm like its glow,
And leads all to its goal in moves though slow, In tune with the whole, in tune with all.
This destination today at Fantasy Faire fills your soul with such pure thoughts. The destination being one of the secrets within Fantasy Faire which opens it's doors to you all with only a few hours to go.

Wearing this gorgeous gown created by Azul for the Haute Couture show last week, and the stunning diamond jewellery set created for Fantasy Faire by Southpaw. My imagination and my senses are hightened as the wonder of this destination fills my soul as I lay down on the bed of flowers that surround me.

Destination: Crimson Fields - Fantasy Faire 2013 - (Opening today) - 6am SLT

Dress - AZUL- Anima
Skin - Belleza- Ava Sk BL 1
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (True Grey)
Hair - Exile:: Stay the Night:Chardonnay
Nails - Izzie's - Long French Nails
Accessory 1 - Southpaw> FF2013 Necklace ( Diamond )

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