#76 Manifeste of 'Pixelites Inc'

While standing at the grocery store, I realised I was becoming obsessed over the labels on five different brands of cereal – which one was the healthiest for my family (sound familiar)?
 Later that week, as I folded the laundry, I noticed it - a label:
“Made in China. 50% Polyester; 50% Acrylic”, ugg so many types of clothing.
And then it struck me: Every label tells a story.
Some of our labels within Secondlife, are driven by true creativity, which makes the
designers work harder.
Their inspiration is on full drive trying to keep up with the latest designs, talents, inspirations and above all time to create.
Our Secondlife fashion designers are no different from our RL designers, they look for every opportunity to work sustainably focusing on altering the old rules and designing that next piece of heaven that we will go and purchase at the shops.

One such designer is the talented works of  Lady Avalira from Pixelites Inc.
Click through below for our destination for today,
Pixelites Inc.

Destination - P I X E L I T E S I N C . M A I N S T O R E

Dress-  ::PL:: Lazy Camo Dress - Crush
Skin - Belleza- Ava Sk BL 3
Hair - TRUTH Devina -  reds
Accessory 1 - A.G. DESIGNS - Silver Double Hoops Earings
Accessory 2 - Indy&Co.: Heirloom Necklace Set

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